What's that? Is it associated with the way you look? Or maybe, your documents is defining a point of identity? Pretty stupid questions for such an easy term. We will easily answer this question if some weirdo asks it? 

Identity is a personal internal emotional and cognitive image. But do we for real poses ourselves in this way? When you start thinking about it, an instant answer is going to be "yes", forgetting and missing all your foolish everyday rituals. Ask the same question one more time, when you are choosing a new shirt or trying to make a just perfect look of your haircut in the morning. Is your answer still remains the same? Let's imagine that you are dumb (of course, you are not, my dear reader, but I need to use this trick to show how stupid situation is in a broader meaning) and can't get what I am trying to say: the way you look has become most decisive aspect of your identity. Style, the way you look allows people to understand and poses you from a different perspective, but like a little child, you are becoming obsessive with this idea. And now getting more clothes and stuff helps you modify and change your identity, moreover, the whole personality. Our little child becoming a real peacock that is nothing but a trendy chicken. 

Our simplification of the idea of identity, its "under-estimation" has made us lazy in terms of our self-development. Thought that "another item makes us better" has become dominative, leaving nothing but the society of fools and "peacocks". We do not need to be charismatic anymore, empathic-development has become a myth and I don't even need to mention any intellectual development. No, forget about it and stop even thinking about such a useless shit, better go and check something new in the stores. 

My idea may sound rather hyperbolized, but the idea of material trends and dependence upon it has gone even into "bigger" absolute. For sure, there are some advantages of material domination: now fools look trendy.