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I2p hidden wiki

I2p hidden wiki

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After a while on I2P and a lot of time in i2p-chat I saw more help and information is needed for the users of I2P. Until the official homepage is redone this guide will show you basic information and extended knowledge to use and understand I2P better. I2P is a solution to provide anonymous communication in the non-anonymous Internet. To accomplish that goal it uses different techniques like encryption and routing data via other users of I2P. I2P tries to get rid of the binding IP-destination service. But you cannot determine which user which IP or router runs which destination. If you get decent speed for a download right now, it will change the next 10 minutes. Users join and leave - the more users share bandwidth to I2P, the better the experience for each of them will be. As basically all existent software is not aware of anonymity e. There is already a wide bunch of adapted software available to be used within I2P look on my eepsite. The I2P team which is not paid for the job it does does not want to burden the risk of being a outproxy into the usual Internet upon every user of I2P. Ident - your identification of your I2P router. It is bound to your IP. Version - running I2P version, should be at least 0. If time differs to much 5 min your I2P will suffer badly Reachability - reachability of your I2P ports, discovered by other I2P routers connecting to them. Does not accept new tunnels and wait 11 minutes until all old tunnels are timed out. Bandwidth rates of speed in 1s average, 5 min and over all uptime of running session Used - total amount of data sent and received in active session by I2P router. Local destinations list of active destinations server and clients on local I2P router. Congestion Job lag - time waiting for a job to be fulfilled, should be as low as possible Message delay - delay until a message is send out of I2P Tunnel lag - round trip time on tunnels Handle backlog - number of jobs waiting to be fulfilled, should be 0 Rejecting tunnels - reason why no new participating tunnels are accepted. The configuration of your I2P is not a trivial job and takes some time and knowledge to do it the perfect way. Nevertheless you should at least setup the core settings bandwidth and connectivity on this page. First point 'Network' is already open and contains the bandwidth and connectivity settings you should already have adopted to your needs. Second point Service contains options to start and stop I2P and the setting to open a browser on startup. Next point Update tweaks the automatic update of your I2P router. Tunnels page let you tweak current destinations for active I2P session only. On clients page you are able to enable SAM bridge or disable unwanted webapps. Peers page is meant to manual adjust single values for single routers, including shit-listing. Keyring page prepares the functionality to encrypt your destination IDs and let user add a public key to local keyring. On logging page the behaviour of the logs page is controlled. Same on stats page for stats logging and graphs. Last entry advanced finally shows you the box for all config line options. On this page you set all the connectivity options and transports for your I2P router. It has been made fairly easy with UPnP in version 0. Nevertheless you can disable UPnP and make all settings as you like. Remember to click on 'Save changes' to save all changes you made on this page. You need to restart I2P for this changes to take effect! Remove the check will disable UPnP. The IP configuration will try to guess your external reachable IP address and use this and the default port to connect to other I2P nodes, and to let other I2P nodes connect to your node. The options are quite self explaining:. In quite common setups the default settings of port and all other on auto with UPnP active is the best solution. Changing the ports will let to be your router be unique - mostly all routers use the default ports, a different port makes you be seen easy. The hidden mode is kinda special. It publishes your IP and port information to the other routers for them to be able to connect to your router. This information is needed to built up a network and route tunnels via reachable routers. The hidden node breaks a important part of the network for your router and will reduce the speed with which you participate in the I2P network and it will not cover your traffic with some participating traffic by other users. Setup your bandwidth wisely - I2P will use a lot of bandwidth if you do not limit it. Know your line speed! Your line speed is shown on your dsl or cable modem information page or in your contract with your internet provider. Note to following terms: I use old ones, I do not like the SI terms. But for your convenience I tell you: To calculate those values, just devide the Mbit value by 8 and you get the MByte value. And kByte are 1 MByte. Most common terms for internet lines are: Set your bandwidth limits slightly under your line speed. This will not kill your line while heavy I2P usage. All I2P based traffic is limited by this setting. Most of those applications got their own bandwidth limiter, but this one is the general one for everything together on your node! The settings for bandwidth share describes how much of your bandwidth will be maximum allowed to be shared for participating tunnels traffic that does not end or origin at your I2P router. In default setup own traffic data that ends or origins at your router, e. It will cut down the shared bandwidth as long as you need the traffic local. But to always get a nice speed for own traffic and be nice to the I2P net, I prefer the setting of share like this: This way it will left enough space for the I2P net not to kill participating tunnels if you need more bandwidth than usual. If you do not share any bandwidth, the others I2P routers need to take up that load! There are NO dedicated fast routing servers provided by the I2P team - the users itself are building the network. The more bandwidth is shared by single routers, the faster single transfers will happen! Be careful with your traffic allotment of your provider - I2P will produce a lot of traffic if you will not limit it. Two ways to limit the bandwidth are included into I2P: One way is described above, the other one is by limiting the amount of participating tunnels your router accepts. I2P prefers tunnels over bandwidth - if needed I2P will build up more tunnels and reduce bandwidth on existent tunnels. If no tunnels can be built, users will not be able to setup a new destination and participate in I2P. To maintain a good experience for all users on I2P we need to cope with allowing enough tunnels to be build and let those tunnels get enough bandwidth. Limit your participating tunnels on the configadvanced. Which results in far more participating tunnels unused than used if the network is under load. It is wise to first limit the bandwidth and afterwards the participating tunnels, e. I2P tries to spread the load upon a lot of capable routers and not to let one router get all tunnels out for security and reliability reasons. But there were some questions left to be asked on forum over an over again which is why I setup this text. Do not run iMule with the internal router. Afterwards restart I2P with a click on the restart button. Always use latest version. Current version is iMule 1. After the first start of iMule you need to setup the config of iMule. Open the configuration settings and make your changes. Now decide which files and directoris you want to share. Decide wisely which directory you want to share - do NOT share your complete c: The hashing of the files takes part after clicking on the OK button. It will take some time and on each restart iMule will check if those files are still available. Now it is time to restart iMule. After the restart all should be fine and iMule should connect itself to your running I2P router. I2P not up and running, firewall active on Those will be shown in iMule in the lower text box in connection tab and in I2P under the logs page. A small badness on windows appears on every restart of iMule: It displays all the other routers in the kad database stats. Just click on the left border of the graph window under connection tab and drag it to the right. Download all attachments as: Powered by Trac 1. I2P I2P is a solution to provide anonymous communication in the non-anonymous Internet. Building up this anonymity costs bandwidth! The I2P net is very dynamic. I2P needs special adapted software! Router information Description of the left-hand menu in router console In this status console window you will always see life statistics of your running I2P session. Connectivity On this page you set all the connectivity options and transports for your I2P router. The options are quite self explaining: TCP configuration is nearly the same as IP configuration. Tips for running iMule: It takes time after a first start to publish your hashes of your files into the kad database search generic. Last modified 7 years ago Last modified on Jan 18, 4: I2P blackbox 48x48, 32bit png. Download in other formats: Visit The I2P Project at https:

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