I Don't Want To Know

I Don't Want To Know


I Dont Want To Know

I had just finished my work at the store and was walking out to the parking lot where my car was parked.The first cigarette in four hours tasted damned good; these twelve hour days were pretty rough.

A female voice came to my ears from out of the darkness.

You got one of those you could spare?

I pulled out my pack and my lighter and held them out.A hand reached out and took them from my hand.She lit up, handed the smokes and Bic back to me and said,

Thanks.Youre that nice man who works at rearranging stuff in the store so people cant find anything.

I laughed and said,

Im just doing my job.

I know you are.I couldnt help but to notice you, because you are a nice guy and all.I dont usually do anything like this; honestly, Ive never done anything like this.Would you come to my place for the night?Its been a long time since Ive been with a man, and to be honest, Im really lonely.And no, Im not a psycho or have any diseases..

I thought about what she said for a minute, and then answered,


She lived only a block over from the store, so we walked to her house, an awkward silence between us the whole way.When we got to the door, I started to tell her my name, but she said,

Baby, I dont even want to know.All I want is to be fucked tonight, maybe more than once.No promises and no regrets, okay?All I ask is that you stay the whole night with me.

She led the way inside to the bedroom.As we entered the bedroom, I grabbed her wrist, pulled her to me and said,

Is it all right if I kiss you?If not, that is okay, but I would like to.

She responded with a hard kiss that tasted like cigarette smoke and mint.Her tongue slipped inside my mouth and wrestled with mine.My hands moved down her back to her ass and pulled her against my hardening cock.She moaned into my mouth and when she stopped kissing me, she whispered,

I like what I feel.

Unzipping my jeans, she reached inside my boxers and grabbed my dick and began to stroke it gently.My hands slipped up inside her blouse and found her hard nipples and began tweaking them with my thumbs.She moaned,

God, yes that feels so good.

I replied with a growl,

Yes it does. Keep it up and Ill bust.

She dropped to her knees and said,

We cant waste any cum, babe.I want it in all my holes, darlin.

She swallowed my entire cock in her mouth and down her throat.I had never been deep-throated before, so it didnt take long for me to get to the point of no return, and I said so.

With a deep growl I shot what felt like a gallon of cum down her throat.When I finished blowing my seed down her throat, she burped and said,

Damn, baby, that was a lot.I hope youve got more for me.

I chuckled and said,

Oh yeah, I do.

We got undressed and laid on her bed.She laid her head on my shoulder and looked up at my face and said,

I know youll need a little time to recover.I just want to cuddle for a while, okay?

Its more than okay.Its been a long time since I had a chance to cuddle with anyone.

I pulled her close and she kissed my neck softly.She whispered in my ear, her breath soft in my ear,

Would you tell me that you love me?I know that more than likely you dont, but I just need to hear it.

Softly I whispered in her ear,

I love you, baby.

I felt her smile as she said,

I love you too.

Her hand was wrapped around my cock stroking it and by now it was hard again.She got up and said as she lowered herself onto it,

Let me show you how much I love you,

Her pussy felt like a warm velvet vise as it was impaled on me.We both moaned as I was bottomed out in her.With her hands on the headboard she began moving up and down, and forward and back.I could feel her pussy clenching and unclenching as she milked my cock wanting my baby juice.I began thrusting up and down, matching her moves, my hands on her tits tweaking her nipples.Suddenly, I felt her clamp down like a vise, her eyes rolling back into her head as she screamed out her orgasm.Her orgasm triggered my own and I grunted with each spurt of cum shooting into her.

With my cock still buried inside her, she lay down upon my chest and kissed me tenderly.She said,

Thank you, babe,

as I held her to me, running my hands through her hair.

We lay there, just holding each other listening to each other breathe, occasionally kissing each other.I was still hard and she said,

Ready for the final frontier?Ive never done anal before.

Neither have I.If you dont want to, I understand; I dont want to hurt you or make you feel obligated to do something you dont want to.

Im a little scared, but I feel that you wont hurt me, and I really want to.

She pulled off of my cock, and with her hand guided it to her asshole.She lowered herself, and I felt the head of my dick pop past the ring of muscle to the inside of her backdoor.

She stopped and stayed still for a minute, getting used to the anal intruder, then started riding my cock like it was a piston in a small-block Chevy running at 7000 rpm.She was diddling her clit as she rode me, then screamed,

Oh my fucking God!

After she came, she continued riding me like there was no tomorrow.I held back cumming as long as I could, until I couldnt take it anymore and yelled,

Im cumming!!

I shot my wad into her bowels and grabbed her hips to stop her moving on my now very sensitive cock.She rolled off of me and lay down beside me.With a tear in her eyes, she kissed me and said,

Thank you so much for making me feel like a woman again.

I kissed her back and replied,

Thank you for letting me be the one to make you feel like a woman again.

She cuddled up against me with her head on my shoulder and fell asleep.I too fell asleep a short time afterwords.The next thing I remember was the sound of her alarm clock going off.

We showered together and got dressed in silence.When it was time for us to leave, I turned to her, kissed her tenderly and said,

Last night when I said I love you, I really meant it, Lissa.Ill see you at the store in an hour, Boss.











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