Hype Energy Gold Energy drink and Energy nutrition by Vimgo

Hype Energy Gold Energy drink and Energy nutrition by Vimgo


I received the Hype products quite a while back, and I was quite impressed with the first can one of the three I received. Hype was pretty tasty, and it worked damn well. I have been holding on to Hype Gold for that one day where I needed a review, AND something that would definitely wake me up……It has not disappointed. Although it is a RB tasting drink, it comes across way smoother and at the same time crisper than a RB. There is a lot of flavor in each sip yet it’s not at all overpowering or offensive in any way. There is hardly an after taste at all, and what you do have is way more subdued than most drinks with the style of flavoring. It has been a while since my review of Hype, but from what I remember and what I reread in my review, Hype Gold is very similar, but over all cleaner tasting than Hype was…..it’s a slight difference, but a noticeable. To quote my review of the original Hype “It’s a cleaner flavor and a milder after taste than lots of the other stuff out there…kind of like Red Bull refined “ and that stays true in Hype Gold.


Power wise, Hype Gold - Energy nutrition once again succeeds. Definitely one of the stronger products out there… I am very awake, and starting to feel a bit jittery…while it’s not something I was hoping for right now, it’s a good sign if you want a drink that will give you the energy to party on through the night. Hype Gold would be a great substitute for RB and Vodka if only I knew where to buy it here in the states. The cans I have were shipped in from out of the country which sucks because I’d really like to have a local source for this stuff. If I could, I’d definitely keep a few cans around in my fridge.


Shock Triple Mocha Energy drink


Yet another winner from the Extreme Coffee folks. So far I have been really pleased with everything I have tried from them….The Shock-a-Lots were great and the Triple Latte was unbelievable. Their products have more power than 2 cans of most drinks and Triple Mocha is staying in line with the rest. While not quite as smooth as the Triple Latte, the Mocha is still damn good. It tastes exactly as you would expect, so there are no surprises there. Nothing unnatural tasting about it, nothing harsh, just pure Mocha goodness. Triple Mocha is actually a very refreshing drink, and goes well in the late afternoon as well as first thing in the morning.


Again, power wise these are pretty strong. Definitely a reliable source for an early morning wake up. You get a nice caffeine powered charge from one tiny can that last quite a while…..it would probably be fairly good for late night study sessions.


There really isn’t much more to say after my review of the Shock Triple Latte. They are both quite similar and do not disappoint in the taste, or power fields.


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