Hydra АЯУАСКА Курган

Hydra АЯУАСКА Курган

Hydra АЯУАСКА Курган

Йахе (колумбийское) — характерное название Аяуаски, используемое племенами, для которых Аяуаска — это жизненная сила ягуара. Также это название связно с черной Аяуаской или гремучей Аяуаской. Суть здесь заключается в способности вызывать силу, которая питает и образует Ягуара. Но также это соотносится и с самим существом по имени Аяуаска, обладающим возможностью принимать любые размеры. Помимо этого, название используется еще и в понятии «чистка».Далее.


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To be born in a human form is a wonderful ability to know what is beyond the form. Ayavasca ceremony, also called Ayawasca or Ayahuasca, is a traditional ritual of South American countries, which allows one to awaken the mind and to realize the sacred truth about the essence of being. A participant of the ritual will experience an encompassing understanding of life in the amount which he will be able to grasp it. But how can it be done in modern conditions? Where to find the answers for centuries-long questions of philosophers, scientists and religious leaders:. To receive more detailed knowledge by theory or from external sources is impossible. The only sure way is to experience it personally. You can acquire such experience only through an Ayavasca ceremony, taking part in a unique sacred ritual guided by shamans. Ayahuasca ceremony helps you move beyond material identification with the body, as well as to feel the multidimensional nature of the world. It also helps to heal the body and to understand the knowledge of the soul. Only when our mind and body are healthy and aligned we can start healing our soul by the method which is easy and clear for us. The Master Plant helps to free ourselves from negative emotions, feelings and to find a way out from difficult life situations, for example:. Ayavasca will endow a person with unfaltering determination to develop the spiritual abilities in the astral plane and the self-improvement on the physical level. Ayavasca ceremony will provide a required psychosomatic stimulus for the better understanding of your Self and your place in this world. Indigenoius people believe that the ceremony with the Ayahuasca plant cleanses the spirit, heals the body and promotes the restoration of harmony, both inside you and in relation to other individuals. Some people inform, that at a certain period of time some acquired the unique superhuman abilities. At the same time, it is important to remember that the Ayahuasca session acts on each person in different ways; because of this we cannot be guided by outside experience — personal experiences will always be absolutely individual. A person is influenced from the outside and is easily susceptible to suggestion. Manipulating with mind, we can force people to spend money on unnecessary things for them or do abnormal or even dangerous things. The Ayahuasca ceremonies will help you drop the shackles of the layered negative world view and to see the true world as it was created by God. This rite has been organized for many thousands of years by the descendant Shipibo shamans of the Amazonian and other tribes originating from the beginning of creation. Our company guarantees the security and comfortable, peaceful atmosphere during and after practice for those who wish to experience healing and mysterious Ayavasca sessions. Ретрит 3 дня 18 October Ретрит 5 дней 18 October Ретрит 8 дней 18 October Retreat 6 days 18 October Retreat from 5 days 19 October Retreat from 10 days 19 October Retreat from 21 days 19 October Our main advantage is that the ritual is conducted only by the experienced shamans, having strong and practical experience in this field. Thanks to the mystical Ayavasca energy, they help all those who want to make a contact with undistorted reality. Ayavasca tours to the centers of Peru, Brazil and Europe provide the following services to the guests:. Our main task is to help people from around the world to come back to the initial state of harmony and declutter the mind with the help of Ayavasca unique plant. Preparation, an experienced guide Shaman and protected place for meditation with plant are required for safe and effective conduct of Ayavasca ceremony. Please leave this field empty. I accept user agreement , privacy policy and Terms of Service. Usually only those feel negative consequences of Ayahuasca , who have prepared decoction themselves or bought a false one. Ayahuasca Ceremonies — organizing tours to South America and Europe book now find a center. What is my purpose? How to live in this world and what to desire? Who Ayahuasca is intended for? The Master Plant helps to free ourselves from negative emotions, feelings and to find a way out from difficult life situations, for example: Bereavement of relatives; Obsession with some person; Low self-esteem; Increased anxiety; Parasites and organisms that affect human consciousness. Advantages of Ayahuasca It helps to : Soul receives a real experience of awareness of the self and gets freed from bodily identification. Feel the love and care from God, who gave us this physical body, and who by His will cares for us, gives a shelter in his countless universes in various forms of life. Remove accumulated fears and external programming Return to the past and to correct the mistakes for which you experience difficulties in the present. Activate hidden abilities in the sphere of healing and clairvoyance. Feel free from being unconscious. Open your heart and love your body. Remove the dependence on harmful habits. Control the sexual energy. See future birth for the credit which you have in the present moment. Make contact with relatives and friends who have passed away. Immerse into memories from past lives, using this experience for efficiently living the current life. Consciously and reasonably live your life. Develop the mind skills and to control the feelings. Improve relationships with the outside world, friends, relatives, all living beings and all creation. Search for the final answers to all current questions and get rid of any doubts. Clear interaction with higher spiritual beings. Enhance the control of your life in the space of the limitless time. Develop determination skills and concentrate on the Higher Goal. What is Ayahuasca? Ayahuasca Ayahuasca — a ritualistic decoction, which is prepared directly by the shamans-curanderos of the Amazon. The history of origin and description of magical features originates from ancient shaman texts. At the same time, this practice is officially recognized by Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico and some EU countries as authoritative effective medicine. Ayavasca phenomenon itself cannot be understood by uninitiated person. However, you can join and become a part of a previously unknown world with the help of reuniting with the spirit of Ayahuasca. Ayavasca composition can include up to 20 different plants. The basis is the Ayahuasca banisteriopsis — caapi liana, containing selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and leaves of Psychotria viridis lat. AYAVASCA RITUAL — a way of finding yourself The majority of people after taking Ayavasca felt extraordinary experience: — the soul left the physical shell, rediscovering itself; pictures of past lives flashed before their eyes; people met with their angels and phobias, experienced a transformation of personality. Ayahuasca is effective at: Elimination of toxins and treatment of many physical diseases Hepatitis, herpes, endometriosis, infertility, sexual dysfunction, hormonal disorders and others Normalization of brain activity and improvement of memory. The fight against evil curses, damnation and evil eyes. Elimination of consequences of stress, phobias, social anxieties, emotional and spiritual blockages. Chronic fatigue. Dependence on alcohol, drugs, nicotine, marijuana. Dependence on painkillers and antidepressant. Psychological disorders and panic attacks. Dependence on harmful food e. Birth traumas. Stress consequences. Inclination to depression. Psychological heart traumas and attention deficit disorder. Body toxicity. Extra weight control. Depersonalization and derealization. The loss of integrity of the personality. Obtrusive compulsive disorders. Куско, Перу. Malaga, Spain. Тамшияку, Перу. Stresa, Italy. Iquitos, Peru. Comfort and safety Comfortable conditions for Ayavasca ceremonies and provided security during the ceremonies. Well-equipped accommodation Cozy and comfortable accommodation that meets all modern standards. Variety provide Individual approach during Ayavasca ceremony and personal work of Maestro-shaman with everyone. Ayavasca tours to the centers of Peru, Brazil and Europe provide the following services to the guests: Transfer to the airport guests are met and accompanied. Accommodation in hotels. Sightseeing tours with visits to local attractions. Transfer from hotel to the retreat center and back. Accommodation in comfortable houses in the centers where Ayavasca is held. Special dietary food in the frames of preparation to the ceremony. Personal consultations with the shaman. Participation in Ayavasca sessions together with shamans of the Shipibo tribe and other respectable tribes. Services of the tour organizer for translation and advice in the field of shamanism, herbs and features of the Ayavasca ritual. Guided tour down the Amazon with learning of rare plants and conducting of seminars. Preparation of Ayavasca decoction under the control of shaman. A possibility to listen to the Ikarus songs, which have healthy effect. Photo and video shooting of ceremony and shamans. Heart diseases. Acute mental illnesses. Endogenous mental disorders. Features of suicidal behavior. The negative effects of Ayahuasca Usually only those feel negative consequences of Ayahuasca , who have prepared decoction themselves or bought a false one. To avoid any kinds of troubles, it is strongly recommended To use decoction, prepared with the participation of a learned shaman; Not to use the services of suspicious persons by purchasing Ayawaska or its individual components; Thoroughly follow the instructions regarding participating and leaving the ritual. View Retreat Center. Site search. Search for:. Hide description. Retreat Request. Callback request. Write us. Этот сайт использует cookie для хранения данных. Продолжая использовать сайт, Вы даете свое согласие на работу с этими файлами.

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3. Аяуаска - 'телепат'. Известно происхождение слова 'Аяваска' как перевод с языка индейцев кечуа, где оно означает 'лоза душ' или 'лиана мертвых'.Недавнее исследование показало, что разовая доза аяуаски повышает способность к осознанности (Soler et al., ), усиливает медитативную практику, чем повышает общий антидепрессивный эффект (Segal et al.

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