Husband Forced To Watch Wife Raped

Husband Forced To Watch Wife Raped


Husband Forced To Watch Wife Raped
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Angie Jackson begged for her life when her holiday with partner Tom ended in a nightmare. The par are fundraising to return to Samoa to put their alleged attacker behind bars. Picture: GoFundMe
One of the guest treehouses at the Lupe Sina Tree Resort in Samoa, where the alleged attack happened. Picture: Pinterest
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A Hobart woman was allegedly bound, gagged and raped by an escaped prisoner, as her partner was forced to watch, during a trip to Samoa.
An “aggressive” intruder brandishing scissors allegedly appeared the hotel room of Angie Jackson and her partner Tommy Williams,at the Lupe Sina Tree Resort about 2am on September 24 last year, as they were preparing for an early trip home, the couple say.
“I saw a Samoan man, crouched in the corner. I screamed as loud as I could, and I froze,” Ms Jackson shared on a GoFundMe page her sister created to raise money for the couple’s return to Samoa to help put the alleged attacker behind bars.
“The man came towards me with a pair of large dress scissors raised high and straight at me.
“My screams got Tom out of bed and he quickly came to my aid, only to be faced with a very aggressive figure as the scissors were directed towards him.
“We were then instructed to lie face down on the bed. I was crying uncontrollably by this stage. He kept telling us to be quiet, or he would kill us.“
Mr Williams was bound with his own clothes the intruder ripped up and his partner’s hands were tied behind her back, while the pair begged for their lives.
“He asked me 'why he shouldn't kill us. Why shouldn't we die?' I answered because we have too much to live for.”
She thought she and her partner were going to be killed.
“I kept telling Tom over and over how much I loved him, muffled through my gag.”
The attacker pulled the doona over the two on the bed as Ms Jackson said she just waited for the scissors to go straight into her back. But they didn’t come.
“I heard him say to Tom, 'I'm sorry brother, please forgive me. I am hungry.”
The intruder collected the couple’s money, phones, iPad and other electronics, leaving the couple bound and gagged as he fled.
“He searched our bags for valuable items. I remember begging him to not take our passports. Without those, getting home would be so much harder,” Ms Jackson said.
The pair was rescued when the hotel manager came to check on them after realising they missed their taxi booking to take them to their airport.
The door opened, then there were screams and a scuffle as the man ran away.
Ms Jackson was able to identify the alleged attacker after the Samoan police re-captured him on October 4.
The alleged offender is a believed to be an escaped prisoner from the Tafa’igata prison, who Ms Jackson says escaped twice again since the September attack.
Ms Jackson and Mr Williams prepare for the June 27 trail, and have been asked to be witnesses at court in Samoa.
The GoFundMe page was set up so the couple could cover bills, rent and other expenses while they are away for a month to attend the trial and also to repay Ms Jackson’s mother for footing the legal costs.
The funds would also help pay for members of both of families to travel with them to support them through the trail.
On Friday the couple were $400 short of achieving their goal of raising $25,000 - just two days after the page was set up.
“Money certainly won’t erase what happened to us, nor will it speed up our healing,” Ms Jackson said.
“But it will take away any financial pressure we feel over what is going to be very traumatic and stressful time for both Tom and I, as we try to find some justice for the evil that we were dealt.
“And most importantly, it will put this man behind bars, where he belongs, for a very long time.”
The pair say they contacted the Victims of Crime organisation to seek compensation, but were declined support as the offense occurred outside of Australia.
North Korea fired eight short-range ballistic missiles towards the sea off its east coast, likely its largest single test, a day after South Korea and the US ended joint military drills.The bilateral exercises involved an American aircraft carrier for the first time in more than four years.
Air pollution is as bad for your health as a poor diet or smoking and costs Australia an estimated $16 billion a year.Health advocates say despite the damage, the country is falling behind global standards to reduce the environmental threat.
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The 26-year-old is urging others trying to keep warm this winter not to make the same mistake she did. Read more.
Sadio Mane has scored a hat-trick as Senegal made a successful start to the defence of their Africa Cup of Nations crown with a 3-1 home victory over Benin in their first qualifier for the next finals in 2023.Mane, whose club future is in doubt after he suggested to reporters on Friday he might be leaving Liverpool, netted two penalties in his hat-trick as Senegal made light work of their visitors in the Group L encounter.
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Former top adviser to ex-President Donald Trump, Peter Navarro has been charged with contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate with the committee investigating the US Capitol attack.A federal grand jury charged Navarro with one count involving his refusal to appear for a deposition before the January 6 Select Committee and another for his refusal to produce documents in response to a subpoena.
NSW public sector workers could be more than $6000 worse off over the next three years if inflation continues to rise and their wages remain frozen, unions say.In a report released in Sydney on Sunday, Unions NSW also pointed to a real loss to wages for teachers, police, firefighters, prison guards and bus drivers under the forecasts.
Myanmar's military-installed government reportedly will execute a former MP from ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi's party and a veteran pro-democracy activist convicted of violating the country's Counter-Terrorism Law.Two online news outlets, Voice of Myanmar and NP News, said two other men convicted of killing a woman they believed was an informer for the military will also be executed, in addition to former MP Phyo Zeya Thaw and activist Kyaw Min Yu, also known as Ko Jimmy.
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Queen Elizabeth will miss a star-studded concert in her honour but she brought the house down when she appeared in a surprise video recorded with another British national treasure: Paddington Bear.The 96-year-old monarch said she shared Paddington's love of marmalade sandwiches in a surprise video, delighting thousands who gathered outside Buckingham Palace for the third day of a Platinum Jubilee extravaganza marking her 70 years on the throne.
The 24-year-old suffered horrific head injuries when a motorbike she was travelling on hit a car. Read more.
Anthony Albanese has raised concerns with the Chinese government over an incident involving an Australian maritime surveillance aircraft and a Chinese fighter plane over the South China Sea last month.The Department of Defence said on May 26 an RAAF P-8 maritime surveillance aircraft was intercepted by a Chinese J-16 fighter during routine maritime surveillance activity in international airspace in the South China Sea region.
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Kyiv has been rocked by several explosions, the mayor of the Ukrainian capital says, a day after officials said troops had recaptured a swath of the battlefield city of Sievierodonetsk in a counter-offensive against Russia."Several explosions in Darnytskyi and Dniprovskyi districts of the capital," Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko wrote on the Telegram messaging app on Sunday.
The council has urged people to stay away from the area. Find out more.
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres renewed his call for an immediate halt to violence on the 100th day of the war in Ukraine.The UN chief also called for urgent protection for civilians, unfettered access to provide them with humanitarian aid and safely evacuate those trapped by fighting, and respect for human rights.
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The Queen will have been taking it easy as she stepped out of the limelight on the second day of the Jubilee celebrations.She watched on television from Windsor as nearly 50 members of her wider family gathered in her honour at a special service of thanksgiving in the grand surrounds of St Paul's Cathedral.
Collingwood Magpies rocketed into the Super Netball top four with one round to play while terminating Sunshine Coast Lightning's faint finals hopes with a 68-62 win at USC Stadium on Sunday.The hard-fought victory lifted the Magpies - who began the penultimate round in seventh spot - over the Queensland Firebirds, Adelaide Thunderbirds and NSW Swifts on the congested ladder.
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Australian Jack Robinson has won back-to-back World Surf League titles, beating Brazilian Felipe Toledo on the buzzer in the Quiksilver Pro G-Land final.After winning the Margaret River Pro last month, the 24-year-old West Australian clinched his third tour title in two years on the tour.


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Blacks rape newlywed wife, force husband to watch

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Bride's honeymoon hell


The bride raped at gunpoint on her honeymoon told last night how she shut out the horror by thinking of her WEDDING. Brave Tania Lucas, who was attacked in front of her weeping British husband Gareth, waived her anonymity to talk of their nightmare. She said: “I just switched off, tried to think about anything else apart from what was happening to me. ‘It’s just my body, not my soul,’ I thought to myself.

“While I was being raped I forced myself to think happy thoughts to try and block out what was happening. “I pictured my beautiful wedding day to Gareth and told myself how much I loved him.” The rapist was one of four robbers who burst in on the couple at 2am and ransacked their holiday home in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The couple were tied up and the beast made Gareth watch his wife’s ordeal. Tania, 26, said: “One of the men pulled me towards him at the bottom of the bed. He turned me on to my back and raped me. “I could hear Gareth start to cry, while the other men laughed and chatted to each other. The attack lasted for just five minutes or so but it felt like hours.

“When he had finished he simply pushed me away. “I didn't say a word to Gareth, but touched his arm to let him know that I was okay. He was trembling and weeping quietly. I felt so sorry for him.” Secretary Tania, a South African, is now anxiously awaiting an HIV test as the country has the world’s highest levels of Aids.

Gareth, 25 — from Coventry — emigrated there with his family 13 years ago.

Rebuilding their lives ... Tania and Gareth

The couple are now planning to move to Britain in a bid to rebuild their lives and are both having counseling.They had only been wed a month when the gang entered their rented home in the capital’s Bonaero Park. The couple were beaten before the house was looted of wedding gifts and cash.

One thug held a gun to Tania’s head and tore off her rings, necklace and ear-rings. The gang made off in the Lucas’s pick-up truck, later found dumped in Tembisa township. Tania added: “Gareth and I both love each other very much and we will get through this together. “I am not going to let these monsters break up my marriage and if I have got HIV, then we will cope.

“I am ashamed of my country and its horrendous violence. We have only been married a month and I have been raped. It is so cruel. “Until the results of my HIV test I feel like I’m living under a death threat. “I want to have children, but how can I bring them up in a country where this sort of thing goes on.” Police have taken DNA samples from Tania. Last night they were still hunting the black gang.

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Prodigal Son

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Chance favors the prepared mind. Always good to be prepared. Like that idiot who thought he could walk up to an adult bear and photograph it with no manner of self defense. McRib, chomp!


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These stories just upset me to no end.

They control the country and the political apparatus, so the only way to defend yourself is with cold steel and hot lead.


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These stories just upset me to no end.

They control the country and the political apparatus, so the only way to defend yourself is with cold steel and hot lead.

By Nachtengel in forum Men, Women, & Relationships

Last Post: Monday, May 24th, 2010, 11:04 AM





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Three unknown assailants attacked, forced-marched a man to his home and took turns to rape his wife without protection before robbing him of $150 in Esigodini, police have confirmed. The 45-year-old man (name withheld) of Low Density Suburb was attacked while on his way from work at around 8PM on Wednesday.
Matabeleland South police spokesperson Inspector Philisani Ndebele confirmed the incident.
He said the suspects were still at large.
“I can confirm we received a report of a case of rape and robbery. The three unidentified assailants were armed with stones, axe handles and knives.
“They attacked a 45-year-old man, assaulted him as they pursued him to his house where upon arrival the trio forced him to open the doors at knife-point.
“They manhandled him as they woke up his wife (42) and took turns to rape her before demanding cash. They got away with $150 that was stashed in the couple’s suitcases,” he said.
Insp Ndebele appealed to members of the public that may have any information concerning the suspects to contact their nearest police station.
A source that preferred anonymity said the victim was coming from his workplace, a local night club, when the trio pounced on him.
“They attacked him with stones and chased after him until they caught him. They force-marched him to his home and forced him to open the doors.
“Once inside, they manhandled him at knife-point while one of them walked to his bed where he raped his wife. They all took turns to rape her while her helpless husband who had a knife pointed to his throat, sadly watched on,” said the source.
The source said the robber went on to demand all the money that they had in their house and the couple produced the $150 that was stashed in the bags.
“The quickly left the house and fled into darkness. The couple reported the matter and police attended the scene. N
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