Hurt Me Master Ch. 05

Hurt Me Master Ch. 05


Wow, that was uncalled for. I never expected Sean to be a BDSM kind of guy, I lowkey wished but now it is happening. I like him and trust him but I am obviously not ready to initiate a romantic relationship, it takes way too much energy and commitment. I hope he feels likewise.

----The next day----

I meet him at the library and he is sitting there with a folder in his hand, intently looking through it.

"Hi Ash, you are late." His voice is calm.

"Miss Banks extended the lecture, like always."

"I hope this is your last time, I despise indiscipline." He sounds authoritative.

"y-yes, Sean" I nod my head, Jeez his authoritative voice is so turning me on.

"This is a contract I drafted for..."

"Sean, are you sure about this?" I am nervous, what if this does not work out...I cannot afford to lose my best friend.

"Most certainly, are you Ash?" he raises his eyebrow.

"Umm...I am, I just don't want to jeopardize what we have now."

"I promise, I will always be your friend, no matter what happens." He assures with a smile.

"W-what does the contract say?"

He opens the folder and looks at me, "It says that you consent to be my submissive for the next twenty days. You will openly communicate with me. Respect me and yourself, follow all my rules, and happily accept reasonable punishments. More importantly, your safe word would be paramount, the crux of this relationship."

WOW, the man knows what he is talking about, I am impressed. Wait, what about the rules, "What are the rules?"

He smirks, "Wait let me read them for you,

Rule Number 1. You will always address me as 'Sir' in private.

Rule Number 2. You will never lie to me.

Rule Number 3. You will follow all my commands without a second thought."

I was expecting a big list. "That's it? I mean should we not discuss limits or our interests?"

He grins, "Let's discuss safe words, interests, and limits can be explored with communication. Also, this is a trial run, nothing sexual will be involved, I, both, respect and understand your plight, given what happened last week, so we will take it slow this time."

"Thank you for taking it slow, I appreciate your kindness and my safe word is 'Red'."

He offers me a pen to sign the contract and snickers, "And mine is vanilla."

I chuckle and sign the papers, "What an irony!"

He takes the contract back and puts it in his bag, "We are going out tonight."

I am confused, "Where?"

He smirks, "Are you questioning me? You just earned yourself a punishment."

Before I can say anything back, he says with a stern voice, "8 PM, I will pick you up and dress to impress." And without waiting for my response he walks out with his goofy bag.

A date? Punishment? Really? I roll my eyes and attend all my classes and leave for home. How ironic, a home that does not feel like home. My parents love me but it is kind of complicated. Toxic, toxic would be the right word to describe it.


I ring the bell and wait outside for Ash to answer, I am a little early because I know she always takes the extra ten minutes to get ready. She answers the door wearing a black bodycon dress (look above for reference), her soft curly hair is down and she is wearing light makeup, I am certainly gonna end up with blue balls tonight.

Ashley smiles and picks up her bag and says, "I am ready sir."

"I am impressed, Now, are you wearing black lace panties, as I demanded?"

She flusters, "Yes sir."

I take her to my car and hold the door for her and help her sit. I walk across to the driver's side and get inside, starting the car.

"We are going to a club tonight called 'Kink Cave'. Have you heard about it before?"

She murmurs, "No sir."

"Well, I booked us a playroom so we can test your limits doll."

She is clearly astonished, "What? Are you crazy Sean, I don't like public shows, I am not comfortable with doing anything in public."

I grab her thigh and press my fingers gripping it tightly, "What did you just call me?"

She gulps and looks at me, "S-sorry sir."

I tighten my grip and look into her eyes, "You will be because you still haven't answered my question."

She stutters, "I c-called you by-by your n-name."

"You earned yourself second punishment, just like that." I let go of her thigh which obviously had my finger marks. I stop the car in a corner and take out a box from under my seat and give it to her.

She hesitantly holds the box and looks at me in a dilemma.

"Open it, slut." She hurriedly opens it up and her jaw drops looking at the vibrator.

"Now, put it in." She puts it back inside the box and looks at me.

"IN YOUR LEGS!" I say in an authoritative tone.

She looks at me with a mortified look in her eyes, "H-here?"

I look in front and restart the car, "Right now or that will be three punishments in a row."

She looks outside the window and hurriedly opens her legs puts her hand in her dress and gasps as she puts the vibe inside her. She bites her lip and slowly closes her legs and looks down at her knees playing with her knuckles. This is her go-to when she is extremely nervous.

"Choose a number from one to five."

"Two" she says. I take out my phone and press button two and smile at her.

"Mmmmm...s-sir...wh...what.." Her eyes widen in disbelief.

"I turned on the vibrator to the speed you wanted it to be," I smirk and continue driving.

" sir I am sorry..." she whines.

"It is not a punishment Angel, it is just a warm-up for today." I wink at her.

The rest of the ride was her whimpering and panting and me trying to control myself from taking her right in the car. I stop the car in front of 'Kink Cave' and open the door to help her out, one could easily see the clumsiness in her walk, thanks to me. I give the keys to a guard to park my car and lead her inside the club.

"Sir, Please turn it off...I can't walk properly." She grips my arm and pleads.

I smile and turn it off, "You okay sweetie?"

She nods and I take her to a booth and make her sit and a waiter comes by and asks for our order. She is looking through the menu and I furtively turn on the vibrator to speed 3x. I grin at her wide eyes and give my order, "I would like to have some mozzarella sticks and a margarita."

He notes it down and looks at Ash, "What about you ma'am?"

She looks at me with pleading eyes and grips the hem of her dress and blurts, "P-pizza..."

The waiter looks at her confused, "Which one ma'am?"

I smile and turn on the vibrator to speed 5x, which is the maximum, one could actually hear the faint vibrations now.

She bites her lip and her legs tremble, "S-sean pl-please..."

"Your order, sweetheart" I prompt and snicker at her begging eyes.

"p-pe-peh.., pepperoni!! I.. want...pepperoni" she moans and puts her head down in embarrassment.

"Are you okay ma'am?" The waiter asks with concern.

"Don't you want a drink Miss?" I caress her inner thigh and hold it to restrict her from clenching them together.

She looks up at me with glossy eyes, "Pl-please sir... I...I..need to..."

"Order first, baby." I slyly beam at her.

She looks up at the waiter, "I...uhh...Co-cosmo...cosmopolitan.." He smiles jotting it down and walks away.

She grabs my hand and tries to take it off her thigh, "I n-need to...I n-need to use the...uhhhh uhhh rest-room..."

"Why? Are you climaxing?." I chuckle.

She shakes her head and starts panting, "P-pleaseeeeeee..."

I turn off the vibrator, "Sluts cum in public but seems like you don't deserve it anymore."

She grimaces in frustration, "You can't tease me like that."

"As a matter of fact, I can, and I will."

She pouts and drinks some water as she begins to look around. 

The host makes an announcement and a man with two naked women on their knees, drags them by a leash on the stage. The crowd cheers for them as the man ties them up against two crosses and starts to hit their tits using a flogger. The room is now full of their screams of pleasure and pain.

"Someday maybe we can perform there."

She rolls her eyes, "Someday..." The waiter serves the food and leaves.