How to use videos during each stage in the buyer's life

How to use videos during each stage in the buyer's life

Explainer videos are used frequently by companies to express their emotions and compassion for customers. Video is an important part of the buyer's journey. There are many phases and stages to the buyer's path. Every stage of a buyer's journey requires something that can be relied on the customer’s needs and perceptions. Explainer video plays an essential role in helping the buyer understand every concept. Today I will show you the stages of the buyer’s journey. Also, how to use video at each stage.

Explainer video

Awareness stage

If you're creating an explainer film, it is essential to remember that the goal of your video is to build brand awareness. This is because your customers will become familiar with your product or services. To put it another way, awareness is the method by which your customers are informed about your products and services. It should be privatized at the beginning of making a whiteboard animation software video. At the time of development, there are two key points you should keep in mind. To make your video viral, focus on the emotion. Customers can easily pick up what you're trying to say. The second is to display the company culture. This will make the product more visible to the public.

Animations can help you raise awareness in a more efficient way. Animated video is the best way to convey complex messages clearly.

Stage of engagement

Communication with customers should be improved. It is important that you interact with customers to provide relevant content necessary to make a product popular. The primary focus of this step should be on products and/or services. This means that it is about getting to know your customer and not selling the product. You can also give the information via webinars. Enhance your service by asking your customers questions about your product.

Stage for nurturing

This is the part of your video that converts the audience into buyers. It is a vital stage. It is hard to please your customers. The customer will then start to consider whether they have received any benefits. You will need to record a video of customers who have used your product or service. Strong customer testimonials are also a good idea.

Purchase stage

Once you've completed the above stages, your video should be ready for sale. Your expert team needs to wrap up the work by creating an explainer video and a sales pitch video. This stage is where the sales team develops a product demo. After that, you will add the product description. It is the best way of reaching large numbers of customers. Personalized videos can also be created and paired with sales videos. It will make it easy to impress customers. Training videos can also be made to keep your sales team current with the latest technology.

Customer retention

It's important to recognize that the relationship with customers goes beyond the sale. Keep in touch with your customers to ensure they spread your product details. You could make a video where you ask your customers to share what they have done with your product. This will help to increase the popularity of your service and product.


This is my conclusion. An explainer video can play an important role in marketing your business to each stage of the buyer’s journey. One person can view a video while simultaneously working on other projects. You can create videos for each stage to help your brand reach more customers and improve business opportunities. A video is an integral part of any e-commerce marketing strategy. It helps to show the buyer's journey.

This was it. You should give explainer videos another chance. If you require any assistance from The ESSENCE STUDIOS, please let me know. I'll help make sure your videos are spectacular at every stage. Thank you.

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