How to use @ProtectronBot

How to use @ProtectronBot


Hello, this tutorial will describe how to install @protectronbot in your group and configure it.

Brief explanations will also be given on the operation of all its functions. In case you did not find the answer to your question - you can contact our support chat

First of all, you need to add the bot to the group. There are several ways to do this:

1) Go to group settings, select add user;

2) Go into the bot, press start, in the message that the bot will send select "Add ProtectronBot to your group";

3) On the page "Bot Info" click on the button "Add to Group" and select your group.

Next, you must give the bot administrator privileges (to delete messages and ban users).

Thereafter you must enter the /start command in the chat in order for the bot to start working.

To change the language to Russian, use the /lang ru command

By typing /lang you can get a list of available languages ​​that the bot supports.

A list of available languages ​​is displayed. Each language has its own two-letter code. In order to install the desired language, you must use the /lang xx command, where xx is the 2 letters of the language code.

You can change the settings with the /status command

If you did everything correctly, then the message that displays the bot in the status should be three icons. If the first icon is not green - you forgot to make the bot an administrator. In case the second and third icon is not green - you forgot to give the right to delete messages and ban users accordingly. Administrator rights are set in your group setup. If you cannot install them, you can contact our support team.

In the message that appears as a result of the command /status, the bot functions are displayed. Now let's talk in more detail about them.


/antispam - the function deletes messages containing unwanted ads. The bot uses a neural network to classify messages that are related to spam, therefore, compared to other bots there are no settings. This allows you to configure the bot very quickly.

/antispam_mode - the function forces the bot to check messages of all users, including those who have earned credibility for a long time. If the bot does a poor job spam filtering - enable this feature.

In order to unlock the user - you need to use the command /unban @username

Or comment on the message of this user with the command /unban

In case you need to block the user, comment on his message with the /ban command.

Or you can use the command /ban @username

If the bot missed some kind of advertisement, comment on the message with the advertisement with the /report command. The message will be deleted, and we will further train the bot on the messages that you flag.


/imagefilter - Enabling this feature will protect your group from publishing inappropriate content for which your group may be blocked in case of complaints about it. Photos are inappropriate content erotic nature, nude people and photos bearing sexual content. We do not use third-party services, so you can be sure that the photos from your group do not get somewhere to third parties.


/noevents - this function forces the bot to delete all service messages from telegrams that someone entered or left the group. If you have a large group, we recommend that you enable this feature immediately, so that these messages did not distract or reach you.

/nolinks - completely forbids all users (except administrators) to publish any links in the group. The following functions are very similar to each other, but they block various content in messages.

Therefore, we will not describe them in detail:

/noforwards - blocks forwarded messages;

/nolocations - blocks messages containing locations;

/nocontacts - blocks messages containing user contacts;

/nocommands - blocks messages containing commands to bots;

/nohashtags - blocks messages containing hashtags;

/novoice - blocks voice messages.


/warningbans is a function to block users in case they repeatedly violate the rules of the group. The bot takes into account user violations in all groups where it is installed - so you need to use it carefully this function. She can immediately block users who are just logged into your group and allowed any violation.

If the user needs to be unblocked, use the command /unban @username, or comment his message with /unban


/nobots - the bot will check all users added by users of your group in case if an attempt to add a bot is accepted, it will be deleted immediately. It is worth paying attention that bots do not see messages of other bots - therefore, it is better to immediately prevent hits bots in your chat. If they are already there, you will have to delete them manually.


/antiflood - in case your users often flood - enable this function. Messages of users who often write will be deleted, and a message will be published in the group about that flood is prohibited. If the /warningbans function is enabled, users can be banned in case they have frequent violations.


/profanity - all messages published in the group will be checked for the content of obscene words and obscene expressions. So far, only English is supported. If the function /warningbans is enabled - users can be banned if they have frequent violations.


/blacklist - blacklist. Allows you to block messages containing unwanted words, links and stickerpacks. In case you need to block a sentence containing a "word", you need to add this word to the black list without quotes. If it is added in quotation marks, then the message will be blocked only if it is complete matches with this word. Also in quotation marks indicate the name of sticker packs.

 /blacklist_add word1, word2, word3 - adds 3 words to the black list. You can add expressions. As a delimiter comma is used.

 /blacklist_remove word2 - removes word2 from the list.

 /blacklist_clear - clears the list completely

/whitelist - whitelist. Work with a list similar to black. You can add the name of the channels to it, or channel links. - only link_to_chanel should be added to the list

WELCOME. Greeting new users.

/welcome - the function allows you to view the message to greet new users.

 /welcome_set - the function allows you to set a new greeting message. You can use greetings on several lines. To jump to a new line, use ctrl + enter. You can use links, for this you must enter them in the following format: [link text](

To set a greeting, use /welcome_set hello !

After enabling this function, when a new user logs in, the following message will be displayed:


Nickname, hello!

I hope the quick guide has been helpful to you.

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