How to sell cryptocurrency?

How to sell cryptocurrency?

The Saleer Team

Rules for seller:

1. Please create an order for purchasing or find an order for selling. Please set the price of transaction you want to make. Bot will find the best offer for you.

2. Please, read buyer's terms carefully, the transaction will be done according to these terms.

3. Send an inquiry to the seller about the transaction and expect its response in 5 minutes (otherwise the transaction will be automatically cancelled).

4. As soon as the buyer will confirm the transaction and transfer the money to you, you will receive a confirmation from bot. After the confirmation of transaction you have to send your requisites to the buyer for the money transfer.

5. When you will receive money to your account, you need to confirm that*.

6. After the confirmation from seller the transaction is considered complete and buyer receives the coins.

*You can’t dispute the transaction after you confirm you received the funds.

*Send coins only after you receive the full amount of money from buyer

*Don't transact money by the request of scammers, who impost the service operators of Telegram