How to protect your content

How to protect your content

Ben Alfred

Content marketing is a necessary component of complex website promotion. If you do not provide potential customers with information about your business, it is impossible to gain their interest and trust.

Imagine - you ordered a copywriter several texts. They paid a decent amount. The texts are decent, informative, unique. After placement, “someone” decided to borrow them. Even sadder - “someone” got higher positions by taking your traffic. The situation is extremely unpleasant. You need to know how to protect content from copying and protect yourself from problems. A few words about the effect of stolen texts on ranking. The official position of Google are similar - robots are able to distinguish authorship, determine the source. The stolen content harms the positions of the "thief" without affecting the place of the source resource.

Unfortunately, copyright infringement is quite widespread. Whether you work without leaving your home or office, there is always a risk of theft of your work. In addition, there are situations when customers do not pay for your services or use of your content, but continue to publish it or use intellectual property directly from the authors' portfolio without their permission. Copyright is part of intellectual property law. It is designed to protect the creators of digital media, books, articles, works of art and music from theft or misuse of their content. If you do not protect your copyrights, anyone with access can use or distribute your content as they see fit.

According to the experience of SEO-specialists, it can be said - often the opposite. Anyone who does not know how to protect the content of the site is loser - stolen text on a more advanced competitor resource has every chance of being indexed faster. Search engines cannot do anything.

Using DMCA Protection

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), in the digital age, complements US copyright laws with guidelines that take into account current technological advances in copying and disseminating information. With DMCA Protection, copyright infringement by copying is removed outside the legal field, as well as the production and dissemination of technologies that allow bypass / deception of technical means of copyright protection. This act provides protection for providers who will no longer be liable for user actions, while the responsibility itself regarding copyright infringement via the Internet will be tightened.

DMCA Protection
In the event of copyright infringement, a statement (complaint) is sent and the site or page of this site on which these infringements were discovered is deleted (can be deleted) from the Google search engine or from the hosting. The complaint / application is submitted to hosting or Google, and when submitting to the European Union it is necessary to refer to the requirements of the directive, and the lack of a uniform letter format implies compliance with various requirements.

Special blocking script

How to protect content from theft from the main page? We offer a special script that works like a block of manual copying, selection, disables the context menu option. This method has disadvantages:

  • excludes users from clicking on links within the material - at the same time it lowers conversion, the number of visits to other pages;
  • the method is easily bypassed by opening the page code, also disabling the script function using any modern browser.

2. Block for selection / copying in CSS

Similar to the first methods, but instead of using a script, special CSS (like "noselect") is prescribed, which eliminates the selection / copying of words. The only option to steal in this case is to work with the html-code of the page, which is rather laborious, not every copywriter will try so hard.

3. Writing texts with individual characteristics

Texts for the main page must be done with individual features that are unique to your company, plus mention the name of the company. This reduces the attractiveness of such material to competitors, partially solves the question of how to protect the site from copying - those who wish will only have to rewrite the text.

Instead of a conclusion

Experts recommend using several protection methods at once and working to ensure that content is indexed faster. It is also important to increase the credibility of the resource, then any theft will not be a threat.