How to prepare your device for installing McAfee consumer products?

How to prepare your device for installing McAfee consumer products?


McAfee antivirus is one of the top software programs available in the market. This antivirus provides various features such as password manager, two-factor authentication, firewall, VPN and many more for securing your device from viruses and other harmful malware. But for using genuine McAfee product, always use McAfee Activate Product Key for installing legitimate McAfee product in your device. Before downloading McAfee antivirus, make sure that you are downloading McAfee product according to your system compatibility. Now, restart your device for installing McAfee antivirus.

Things to remember before installing McAfee consumer products

Make sure you are working on updated Windows

Ensuring that you are using updated Windows will help to prevent issues which might occur due to outdated Windows and corrupt program files.

     i.           Go to your Start menu on the bottom left side of the desktop.

 ii.           Type Windows Update in your search bar

iii.           Hit the ENTER button

iv.           Choose Check for updates

  v.           Follow the on-screen commands

Download and use McAfee Pre-Install Tool

Using McAfee Pre-Install tool helps to prepare your device for installing McAfee software.

     i.           Download the Pre-Install Tool for the internet.

 ii.           Save the pre-install tool files to any temporary location like a desktop.

iii.           Open the Pre-Install_Tool.exe file and follow the onscreen commands

iv.           Read the instructions, and tap the OK button to agree to the changes.

  v.           Tap Ok button

vi.           Tap Close button

vii.           Now, restart your device

Uninstall other security software

If you have other antivirus or any existing security software in your devices such as the firewall or older version of McAfee product, remove it from your device for avoiding conflicts.

Use McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool in your system for removing McAfee related files.

If you have used McAfee product in your device, MCPR will remove all the McAfee related files from your device.

Some important points before using MCPR:

·      Always download a new copy of McAfee Consumer Product Removal before use. This will ensure that you have the latest MCPR which helps to use newer McAfee products easily.

·      MCPR only removes those files which are needed for reinstallation.

     i.           Restart your device before using MCPR.

 ii.           Now, download the MCPR tool

iii.           Double click on MCPR.exe

iv.           You will get a dialog box: Click Yes, Continue, or Run

  v.           You will get a McAfee Software Removal dashboard

vi.           Tap on Next button

vii.           Tap on Agree button

viii.           Accept EULA

ix.           You will get the Security Validation Screen

  x.           Enter the Captcha

xi.           Click on Next button

xii.           After completing this process, you will get Removal Complete in your screen.

If you get Cleanup Unsuccessful, it means your cleanup doesn't go as planned.

     i.           Restart your device and run MCPR again

 ii.           If you again get Cleanup Unsuccessful, ignore it.

iii.           Restart your system again

iv.           Try to reinstall the McAfee software

If you are unable to install McAfee in your device then talking to McAfee Customer Support is advisable.

These few things which are mention above will help you to install McAfee antivirus product in your device without any kind of query. You can easily install the McAfee antivirus from and can protect your device from all types of malware and internet threats.