📱How to play BeeHive on your smartphone?

📱How to play BeeHive on your smartphone?


⭐️ To start playing on your 📱smartphone you need:

📲 Install one of the wallets on your phone: TronWallet, GuildChat, TronLink (only for Android), MathWallet.

💡Installation and registration instructions in TronWallet are here.

✳️Make sure that in the multiwallets variants (GuildChat, MathWallet) you have chosen Tron network.

✳️You must have TRX coins on your balance. Transfer them out from your other account or cryptocurrency exchange or by using one of the offered services for buying TRX on our site - https://tronhives.com/buy_trx_easy/

✳️Enter the site https://tronhives.com using built dapp-browser (please be sure to use safe connection https://)

✳️Press Play button (start), after that you will see the game starting window, and if at the bottom of the window there is enabled Start button, then you need to choose the sponsor at the page - https://tronhives.com/representatives/ (you can not start the game without a sponsor). Also you can click at the title Representatives and you will be redirected to this page.

🛑If error about Tronlink or Tronpay installation is displayed, ♻️📲 restart your wallet on your phone. 

💡Press Start button and confirm the transaction in Tronlink. If after Tronlink transaction confirmation the page is not ♻️refreshed but you still see the game start window, ♻️just refresh the page manually, using the appropriate icon in the dapp-browser window.

♻️ If something in your personal account isn’t displayed correctly by your opinion - just refresh the page!

🐝Do you have other questions about the game - answers here https://telegra.ph/TronHivescom-07-11
🐝Still have questions? Ask them in our Telegram chat or:
🗣🐝Twitter - https://twitter.com/BeeHive55127692
🎮🐝Discord - https://discord.gg/pVFVtPM
💡 🐝GuildChat - http://guildchat.io/g/iiIOYa

FAQ - https://telegra.ph/TronHivescom-07-11