How to pick up an Italian girl: guaranteed! 

How to pick up an Italian girl: guaranteed! 

John M. Chavez - Expert in Dating

Noticed a gaggle of hot Italian chicks and decided to get the hottest one ? Learn how! Nothing is impossible if there are a few useful tips in your pocket.

You must know that Italian women are very enterprising, and they may catch you first! But if her obvious purpose is meeting someone and at the same time she avoids to look at you, it can mean you’re not her type. Good news: she can change her mind if you say or do something exceptional! Be creative, make a joke or a compliment that she had never heard before. She is so passionate and emotional that you will find a key for sure!

Italian women are very enterprising

You must be ready to a hurricane though, in all meanings. She is very bright, very self-sufficient, very feminine, very humorous, and very demanding. It will never be just a plain sex: she is bringing with her all her character, all her jewelry, perfumes and accessories, all her wild fantasies and broken dreams, all her pain, happiness and huge hopes for the future. Also, her wavy mood keeps you in tension every minute. She can be playful, horny, melancholic, laughing, nostalgic, and horny again: her inner condition is very hard to track. 

Italian women nightlife

Modern Italian women are mostly career-oriented. They rarely work on boring jobs and prefer to follow their vocation instead. Even if they don’t say that, they expect from you the same dedication to your profession. You can play this card while getting acquainted. Talk about your job proudly, ask about her daily duties, she will be more than happy to discuss that with you. You will not even notice how your light talk will transform into something much more intimate!

Wonderful Italian girl

Italian girls often have great linguistic skills. They speak 3 and more languages. It gives you wonderful opportunities for discussing different cultures and nuances of pronunciation. This topic will keep her intrigued for minutes and hours. Use your talents and experience for changing the subject and inviting her to a cozier place!

Dating Italian Advice

You must consider another nuance: such a gorgeous girl simply cannot be single. Even if she claims she is, there is always a local Italian guy somewhere who is attacking her with text messages and phone calls. And Italian guys are oh so jealous! Try to discover a situation and ask her questions diplomatically. The worst thing is that he is around and can catch you two at any moment. The best thing is that he is abroad, very busy at the moment, but don’t rely on that: such people can easily jump to the plane. Act wisely and hook up with Italian beauty just for a very short period of time. If she ever let you out from the bed, of course, as she likes to do that for hours! We know this fact can be more powerful for you than a feeling of danger!

Hot Italian chicks

So, if you decide to take a risk and stay longer in her brilliant company, be prepared to spend those hours in a paradise! Italian girls are amazing cooks, if she’s not too young of course: in this case, the pizza is your only option. They are also great masseurs, and they know how to flatter a man with sincere compliments. Moreover, they are very generous and sometimes behave like sugar mommas! So if your intimate talents are outstanding or you have a sweet pretty face and silky skin, you may be literally showered with the gifts, yummy meals and lots of attention. That is definitely a pleasant bonus and... a trap! Watch out and protect your freedom - if you still need it at that moment, of course!

Find Italian love!

Italian girls are very musical. If you’re observant enough, you can tell her that you love her favourite band as well, and it will bring her right to your arms! She likes singing and dancing, so invite her to some good place with live music. This rule concerns every woman but especially Italian girls: if you let her express herself freely, you will be greatly rewarded! Her enormous and bouncy potential was simply expecting the right man to be fully realized with. Be this man, at least for one magical evening full of romance and erotic vibes!

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