How to overcome the paradigmatic deadlock

How to overcome the paradigmatic deadlock

Iurie Roșca

The death of the liberal paradigm and the rise of technocracy


I would like to thank our friend from Germany, Peter Topfer, for noting my speech at the recent international conference on multipolarity. And if my modest contribution has been noticed, it is because I have tried to point out that at the moment, despite major conflicts between various countries, they are all submissively following the same globalist agenda. I mentioned that it is about what is called the Great Reset, Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, adopted by the UN. And if all countries, without exception, follow the same agenda, the result that will be reached will be one same for all mankind. That is, the disappearance of any collective religious, civilizational and cultural identity particularities. It is about the far-reaching program of the globalist elites which boils down to only two priorities: DEPOPULATION and CONTROL. And the means to achieve these demonic goals are those provided by techno-science. It is about the complex phenomenon of the destruction of man as a divine creation or, for those who do not subscribe to any religious faith, of natural man as he has existed throughout history.


And whoever ignores this evidence, preferring to remain only at the level of the animation of certain rivalries, even real ones, between various states and groups of states, manifests at least an error of perspective. Moreover, in addition to the policies for homogenising the world, mentioned in the previous text (adherence to the genocidal policy of the WHO, the total digitalization of society, the elimination of cash money and the imposition of CBDC, the introduction of electronic documents, the expansion of the 5G network and the acceptance of the technology development plan 6G, adherence to the climate myth, etc.), the total war against sexual identity and the family must also be remembered (gender theory and feminism being part of the UN conventions and the policies of the EU, NATO, etc.). And the fact that the countries of the East and the South have not yet reached the level of degradation of the collective West is a provisional state of affairs, because no political regime can put a stop to the world network of the Internet, nor to the immense cultural offensive through the Hollywoodization of the world.


In other words, the devastating cultural war, the breaking down of moral codes, the dynamiting of traditions and the rapid homogenization of the world are taking on colossal rhythms and proportions. And this type of generalized and omnipresent identity aggression cannot be opposed only by economic, technological and military methods available to states who raise claims to form independent geopolitical poles.


Another factor that must be taken into account in our geopolitical analyzes is the fact that today the states of the world no longer represent independent international actors. Transnational corporations have decidedly subordinated their states, and the economic has taken control over the political. It is a triuism known for several decades. Under these conditions, overestimating the role of statesmen in key positions is a regrettable overstatement. And if states have become empty shells, manipulated by some private groups, to what extent can we ignore another problem, well known in Modernity? It is about the paradigm of democracy that triumphed after the French Revolution.


Under the conditions of today's technological achievements and the impact of mass media on the collective mind, the liberal ideology based on parliamentarism, pluripartism, electoralism and the religion of human rights represents only a major illusion cultivated by the globalist elites. But it is precisely this system of reference that is considered everywhere as the only form of political organization of society. Precisely for this reason, all UN member states, including those we called illiberal, are forced to regularly simulate some electoral processes and feed the myth of the sovereignty of the people. Thus, even those who claim to be conservatives or communists alike are victims of the founding myths of the French Revolution. And yet the political liberalism that underpins mass democracy, ensuring the dominance of moneylenders and merchants, appears at the present time as an obsolete reality. Currently, mind control, behavior shaping and perception management techniques allow the supposedly democratic system to function without deviations in the interest of the satanized elites.


The occult circles that hide behind organizations such as the WEF, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, etc. and which operate through official international bodies such as the UN, EU, WHO, WTO, IMF, World Bank, Bank for International Settlements, etc. they boast some instruments of domination, in front of which no state is able to resist. It is about nebulous entities like Big Money, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Media with a devastating global impact. In the face of such a tsunami of diluvian proportions, any claim of political independence and civilizational autonomy evince either gross naivety or a simulacrum.

The above mentioned realities are extensively revealed in a multitude of books and studies. But we can't help but admit that, for now, it has not been possible to identify effective ways of resistance in the face of these tremendously powerful trends. The liberal paradigm as an expression of the political religion of the West that was exposed by many brilliant authors, among whom Alain de Benoist and Alexander Dugin are foremost, remains in the past. The very "civilization of money" that has asserted itself in recent centuries in the globalized West is on the verge of extinction. In a cashless society, the function of those conventional units assigned electronically will be radically different from today's.


Liberal political theory has fulfilled its nefarious historical function, being abandoned at the present time by the globalist elites who have used it to dominate the masses, seize the world's wealth, subjugate their states and concentrate all political power on the word scale. The globalist elites no longer need its theoretical tools nor its political-legal and economic manifestation.


But the death of Homo oeconomicus does not automatically determine the rebirth of Homo hierarchicus as an expression of tradition. Louis Dumont has said everything on this subject, but his excellent research nevertheless concerns an age that has reached its logical end. The sacralization of the dogmas of classical capitalism, the deification of an Adam Smith, the axiomatic nature of social Darwinism in economics, free competition and private property belong to the past, today they are nothing more than a simulacrum or a propaganda camouflage. The history of capitalism as "creative destruction" (Werner Sombart) ends its cycle.


Currently the globalist oligarchy or world superclass (David Rothkopf, Michel Geofroy) is approaching the complete fulfillment of its strategy of enslavement and control. Plutocracy establishes an absolute world tyrany with another name - Technocracy. Big Money secures its world domination through Big Tech. The triumph of economic ideology, excellently described by Louis Dumont, is succeeded by the triumph of technocratic ideology. At the present time, any geopolitical analysis that would ignore the entry into the scene of history of a new phenomenon - Technocracy - is incomplete and implicitly distorting. The American author Patrick M. Wood is indispensable for the in-depth understanding of this reality with a worldwide impact unprecedented in history.


A complementary reality to the one described above is called Transhumanism. Klaus Schwab familiarized us with this concept back in 2016 through his book "The Fourth Industrial Revolution". And no country in the world seems to be able to withstand this danger to the very existence of mankind. On the contrary, the technophilia and enchantment caused by the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, as well as the total digitization of the world, have gripped the masses and the rulers alike. French philosopher and theologian of Romanian origin Jean Boboc has a fundamental contribution to the deciphering of transhumanism. And any political analysis that would ignore this phenomenon of an overwhelming magnitude and gravity is partial and therefore unable to capture the overall picture of today's world.


The death of the American Empire and the birth of the Chinese Empire as an occasion for jubilation of the adherents of multipolarity


Another common thread in the analyzes of authors in the camp opposed to American hegemony is the jubilation of China's rise to the world stage as the undisputed economic and technological leader. Detesting the collective West as an expression of absolute evil and challenging American dominance often creates the temptation to subscribe, consciously or not, to the idea of Chinese dominance. The New Silk Road delights the adherents of multipolarity, often preventing them from seeing a striking reality, namely, that if this gigantic Chinese project succeeds, the world will once again be unipolar, with a single command center located in Beijing. We remind you that One Belt One Road(一带一路) is a global infrastructure development strategy adopted by the Chinese government in 2013 with the aim of investing in more than 150 states out of the existing 193. And then why is unipolarity under the American baton challenged and à la chinoise applauded?


It would be appropriate here to remember the strategy of the globalist elites to deindustrialize Western countries and to transform China not only into the "factory of the world", but also into a pilot project, a model of society that would be imposed on all states. It would be good to refresh our memory on the role of Henry Kissinger (his July 1971 visit to Beijing) to better understand what factors ensured China's economic and technological leap. To ignore the fact that Satanic elites have long-standing strategies, as well as the fact that they are essentially stateless, exercising their world domination as extraterritorial entities, would be a regrettable error.


We mention here only a few elements that would help researchers who wish to deepen the subject of China as a tool of the same globalist elites that stood behind the British Empire, and after the Second World War - behind the USA.


1) In the annual report of the Rockefeller Foundation from 2010 (, which describes a hypothetical pandemic that coincided strangely - one hundred percent - with the Covid-19 plandemic launched in 2020, the authors praise the performance of Communist China for the fact that they coped best with this plague invented by the globalists. These eulogies are clear proof of the fact that the Satanist elites prefer a totalitarian government to a regime that would respect a minimum of civil rights.


2) On October 18, 2019, The John Hopkins Center for Health Security in New York (created and funded by the same Rockefeller clan) in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted the meeting called Event 201, a so-called pandemic exercise (, Among the participants were American public health officials and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as a senior Chinese official, namely Professor George F. Fao, general director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, president of the Chinese Biotechnology Society and president of the Asian Biotechnology Federation. And on December 27, 2019, the Chinese authorities already reported the first case of Covid-19 discovered in Wuhan. This pandemic simulation exercise was a classic case of predictive programming around the special operation of the satanic elites Covid-19 intended to contribute to the massive depopulation of the world. The event was funded by the Open Philanthropy Project belonging to the sinister tycoon George Soros.


3) The next meeting of the World Economic Forum will take place between 27-29 June 2023 in China. ( Any analyst with a minimum of training knows that this institution is one of the main tools of the globalists.


Now let's get back to the economic expansion going on at the expense of the US. Even if things are exactly like this, why would this phenomenon arouse satisfaction among anti-globalists? I personally supposed that the activists for multipolarity are by definition sovereignists, oppose foreign domination and aspire to restore the independence of their own countries. Under these conditions, the rejection of economic colonialism should be a key element of an anti-globalist's thinking and action. The school of thought focused on economic protectionism, conceptualized by Friedrich List who was inspired by the works of Alexander Hamilton, in my opinion has not lost its relevance. And if in the 18th and 19th centuries the two authors were opposed to British imperialism manifested in the framework of the free trade regime, wouldn't a modern-day patriot - even if he is a follower of the "large spaces"(Grossraum) theory according to Carl Schmitt – should they they not worry about Chinese economic imperialism imposing itself through the same free trade regime?


It is known that the political dominance of a country is preceded and accompanied by its economic dominance. As is it known, the fundamental difference between a productive economy (China) and a consumer economy (the 150 countries that would be invaded by Chinese investment and goods). Let's face it, being an opponent of American unipolarity and at the same time a supporter of Chinese unipolarity is evidence of a worrying naivety. The economic decolonization of the countries of the world, that is, the rejection of the domination of capital and goods of Western origin, should not be succeeded by their recolonization by China.


Furthermore, the gigantomania so criticized under Communism and rejected in the case of the world domination of the Western corporatocracy should not be treated with such admiration and enthusiasm in the case of China. If the Chinese aspire to make 150 countries happy through their economic presence, it implicitly follows that all of them will accept the ungrateful role of China's "banana republics". The rest of the world would only provide the Chinese world giant with raw materials, markets and possibly manpower. In these conditions, how much room is left for our aspirations towards a multipolar world order?


Currently China is the golden dream of any dictator in history, with forced medicine, lockdown and incarceration of its own citizens in their homes, widespread surveillance, social rating and no political and civil liberties whatsoever. That is precisely why it is praised by exponents of globalist-satanic elites such as Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates. So those who want to know what their societies will look like tomorrow must look to China today.


The way to freedom


Starting with the year 2020, which established the world dictatorship under medical pretexts, it has been seen all too well how much democratic principles and legality are worth. At the same time, any illusion of the existence of truly independent centers of power disappeared. The Covid-19 pLandemic, announced by the head of the WEF as a window of opportunity for the "Great Reset", has shattered any illusion that the global digital dictatorship can be stopped by resorting to the traditional methods of political struggle: elections, street protests, recourse to justice, criticism in the alternative press. The globalist monster no longer needs to maintain the appearance of the rule of law. State terrorism and the imposition of genocidal and liberticidal measures have become everyday practices everywhere in the world.


Let us remember that world governance is carried out unhindered by means of puppet governments subordinate to the Luciferian elites. And the succession in government does not bring any substantial change, serving only as a setting for this sinister spectacle. The political spectrum in all countries with liberal democracies has definitely become uniform. The political class is hostage to the same dominant paradigm. The subordination of all world governments to the UN and its agencies (WHO, WTO, UNDP, UNICEF, etc.) as an expression of the World Government is obvious to any careful observer.


So what to do? First, all illusions must be abandoned. Presenting the desirable as reality and cultivating the myth of geopolitical rivalries that would transcend the globalist-satanist agenda is not only counterproductive, but suicidal. That is, a paradigmatic leap is required that would overcome the clichés of political and geopolitical interpretation. A deep, realistic analysis and without circumstantial obedience to state hierarchies is the prelude to the development of an effective ideological and political struggle platform.


And since at the present time there is no country that has a strong leadership, determined to give a total fight, to the death, to the Satanist elites who have usurped political power on a world scale, it is imperative to reveal this state of affairs as a huge tragedy. At this critical historical moment for humanity, the spirit of sacrifice and courage of the anti-System intellectual elites is the indispensable condition of our effort to awaken the nations. Any attempt to sugarcoat reality and avoid the risks of direct confrontations with governments enslaved to globalist command centers can be fatal for the entire world. History is moved forward by strong and lucid characters. The time of merchants and the petty-bourgeois spirit must remain in the past. The time of heroes is knocking at the door. The future depends on the will of a few minorities who constitute the true elites of nations. He cannot build on the shaky foundations of mediocrity and cowardice. The future will not come at all if we miss the opportune moment.

We all agree that we are witnessing the end of a historical cycle that we associate with Modernity and capitalism. The signs of the times are causing some Christian religious leaders to see the apocalyptic denouement approaching. But resorting to René Guénon's interpretation, we still hope that it is not a case of the end of the world, but more "the end of this world". We do not subscribe to the Hindu conception of the cyclicality of time, but merely use this figure of speech to say that we all desire the birth of a better world. And the way to it necessarily goes through breaking patterns and challenging liberalism, but also the technocracy that tends to take its place. At this crucial historical moment a revolt of the nations is required, a major, worldwide, irreconcilable and victorious one. A new world can only be built on the ruins of an old world. Today's generation bears the mission to become the gravedigger of globalist capitalism, but also of demonic technocracy.

Iurie Roșca,


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