How to open MKV File And What is MKV File?

How to open MKV File And What is MKV File?

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A MKV is a kind of video file which is saved in the Matroska Multimedia Container format. MKV files are multimedia container formats that can support several types of video, audio and subtitles. MKV files are mostly used for shorting video clips, tv shows and movies. MKV file is a type of video container that is similar to MOV and AVI formats. MKV file format supports cover art, description, ratings and even chapter points so this format is used as the carrier of HD online videos. MKV file format is not a video and audio compression format. The MKV file format is highly adaptive and easy to use. It can incorporate audios, videos and subtitles into a single file even when these elements use different types of encoding. For ex- the MKV file opener can contain MP3 or AAC for audio and H.264 video in a single file.


Detailed information about MKV File-

MKV file is an implementation of Matroska, so MKV files are also known as Matroska Video Files. Matroska originated in Russia in 2002. This multimedia container file format is developed by Lasse Karkkainen and the founder of Matroska. This file format got its name from a Russian word Matryoshka which is for Nesting Dolls. Matroska was developed as an open source and it is free for everyone who wants to use it. As time went on this Matroska format became the basis for the WebM multimedia format in 2010.


Features of MKV file -

1. MKV files are fast seeking.

2. They support Chapter, Menu and Metadata.

3. They support different selectable audio and video streams.

4. MKV files are compatible for online streaming.

5. MKV files support subtitle (hard-coded and soft-coded) support.


How to open MKV Files-

We can use different tools to open MKV files:

1. VLC Media Layer - It is most popular media player which is used to open MKV files for all operating systems.

Steps to use VLC media player to open MKV file-

·      First download VLC media player from the App Store.

·      After that install the freeware.

·      Now run the VLC media player.

·      To add your MKV file to VLC use a corresponding button or drag and drop option.

·      You can make VLC media player as your default media player so that you can open your MKV files simply by double clicking on it.


Steps to open MKV file on Mac OS -

·      First pick the MKV file by using finder tab which is on the upper left corner

·      Now right click on the file

·      Now to open the Info Window, select "Get Info"option

·      In the Info Window, click on the triangle beside the "open with" option

·      Now select VLC media player from the app list

·      To open all MKVfiles with VLC click the option"change all".

·      2 BSPlayer - BSPlayer is also used to open MKV files. BSPlayet is suitable for users of less capable computers.



Steps to open MKV file with BSPlayer-

·      First download the BSPlayer from the app Store and install it.

·      After installing launch the BSPlayer.

·      Now right click on the BSPlayer.

·      Select the"open file" option

·      Find the file , select it and click on ok.

·      Now your MKV file will open.



convert a MKV file into a apk file -

We can convert MKV file to MP4 file using VLC media player by following steps -

Step1 first download and install VLC media player from app Store

Step2 after that open VLC media player and go to media tab which is on the upper left corner.

Step3. Select convert/Save from the drop-down menu

Step4. After that click on the Add button and find the file which u want to convert.

Step5. Now select .mkv file and at the bottom of the window convert/Save option is shown click on it.

Step6. Select video-H.264 +MP3(MP4) from the profile section

Step7. Now select edit from selected profile icon

Step8. Select encapsulation tab and choose MP4/MOV.

Step9. Check both video or audio, and keep the original video or audio track on the codec tab.

Step10. Click on save.

Step11. Specify where u want to save the output , under the destination option.

Step12. Finally click on start.

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