How to lose weight Using the Rina Diet.

How to lose weight Using the Rina Diet.

From dissociating meals, the Rina diet aids To change the metabolism and not simply to lose weight. Thus, it ensures that you keep your weight over time and once you return to your pre-diet eating style.

It's not a diet that involves starvation. You don't need to chew over food and count calories. The Rina diet allows you to eat anything, you just have to remember a few basic rules.

Rina's diet

- the diet program

We usually like to put All Sorts of food on The exact same plate. This hinders digestion and implicitly weight gain occurs.

During her diet plan, the Rina diet Teaches you the way you can correctly combine the foods you consume. So, along with weight management, over time it may become a much healthier eating habit.

The Rina Diet entails eating daily foods from a specific category, by the 4 premises. All these are repeated in turn, every 4 days, during the 90 days of this diet.

Regardless of the category, breakfast Consists just of eating fruit daily, throughout the daily diet.

The diet of this Rina diet is as follows:

Day 1 -

Protein day

Lunch and dinner include the ingestion Of: chicken, poultry, beef, sheep, rabbit, game, fish, eggs, milk, yogurts, cheese, any additional protein food.

On this particular day, don't blend dairy products With meat, even if they're part of the same food category.

You can eat a piece of bread and a salad of Fresh vegetables.

Day two - Beans, chickpeas, lentils, rice, variety, buckwheat, quinoa, any other starchy food.

You can eat them boiled or stewed with a

Day of carbs

You can call this day of this diet the day Of pampering, since you may eat vegetable pizza, bread, pastry, vegetable burger, pancakes, biscuit, cereal, etc.. You may even eat a couple pieces of black chocolate, a cake or a piece of cake.

Even If It's your favorite day of the Diet, do not overdo it with carbohydrate consumption. Don't forget that you are still on a diet!

Day 4 -

Following a wealthy day, includes a day dedicated to The use of produce every two hours. You may eat them fresh, dried, boiled, in compote, soup or smoothie.

Water day

On this particular day, You Need to miss water and nothing else. Sometimes, you can at most drink a fresh vegetable and fruit or even a soup.

Rina's diet

- principles to follow

To see the desired results, follow the Principles below:

· A predetermined schedule of main meals: breakfast between 08-12, lunch between 12-14, and dinner between 18-20

· at breakfast eat any kind of fruit every two hours

· eat half the amount of lunch at dinner

· do not consume anything between meals

· drink plenty of water

· exercise daily

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