How to keep your Magento 2 Store Visitor Engage?

How to keep your Magento 2 Store Visitor Engage?

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Once you are running your business over a Magento eCommerce store in the public domain its being your responsibility to make sure that your visitors are aware of what you offer best or why others love about your store and services! The most effective marketing strategy is promote your popular product with the right medium.

But, most of the time we all choose a medium which make our visitor annoy with Emails to let them know your trending products? No, opt for more better and easiest way i.e try Magento 2 Notification Bar Extension that it allows you to display important announcements, latest news, promotions, subscription, new offers, discount, deals etc all such in form of notification popup in a real time to your customers and site visitors.

Magento 2 Notification Extension contact you with your customers in a new way, they will show keep interest in reading your messages because they will not be buried in their drop mail box and you will be able to convey your message to them quicker. Most important thing now you can still send them messages even though visitor close the site.

Admin have full control over web-push notification on desired location, such as can show Magento Notification Bar in the top OR bottom of the website, define time interval to show notification, predefined Background Color, Text Color, Text Alignment all at admin end. All important information such as numbers of clicks on the notification, subscribers, browsers and sent notifications are collected and presented in a smart and convenient report for you.