How to install Re:plain to a Tilda website

How to install Re:plain to a Tilda website

Yakushev Eugene

Re:plain works with any website, but if you use Tilda website builder here how to do it as simple as Tilda is.

There are two options to place the code, depending on whether you use Footer as separate page or no. Let's see them both.

In that case you just go to the bottom of your page and Add the widget Other — T123

Then click Content button on the appeared widget and paste the code from your Telegram. Save and Close the widget and Publish the page.

✅ Done! Start getting your customer's quotes directly to your Telegram.

Actually, if you use Footer as a separate page, we guess you are kind a Pro in Tilda.

But anyway, go to the Footer page and make all the same as we were talking before but on your Footer. And don't forget to Publish All your pages! Yes, All!

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