How to install Re:plain on Joomla

How to install Re:plain on Joomla

Yakushev Eugene

Re:plain works with any website, but if you have a Joomla, follow the next steps to place the code to your website.

First of all, go to your site’s admin panel. In the upper left corner choose SystemGlobal Configuration. Find there Default Editor Menu and change it to Editor — None. Press Save&Close

Then, go to ExtensionsModules. Press the button "+ New". Select Module Type: Custom

Then follow 5 steps:

  1. Fill in the Title as "Replain".
  2. Paste the code that you've got in your Telegram.
  3. Choose Show Title as "Hide"
  4. Choose the position as "Footer"
  5. Save & Close.

Check just in case the Status, it must be as "Published", and the Footer position must be selected in the theme that is active for your website.

✅ Done! Start getting your customer's quotes directly to your Telegram.