How to get more than 1000+ customers per day to any business from YouTube

How to get more than 1000+ customers per day to any business from YouTube

YouTube visit statistics:

YouTube audience ≈ 1,146,250,000 unique visitors per day who make ≈ 13,924,760,000 video views per day.

Required video requirements:

To get 90,000-300,000 views per day, your video must contain keywords in the title, description, and tags. Also, your video must be unique, i.e. you created it yourself or uniqueized it, for example, using a video spinblaster.

Below I will describe what actions we perform to obtain such results.

A-ads advertising network income in one week
Our clickbank income

2. The main secret in the high ranking of our videos on YouTube as well as in the Google search engine is a very powerful and natural SEO for each video.

After adding a video to YouTube, we immediately buy:

- about 15000-20000 views on this video

- about 3000-5000 likes

- about 10-15 comments

And now the most important SEO is a lot of YouTube Social Shares. There are 11 YouTube Social Shares services and we buy each service for 10,000 mentions, for a total of 110,000 mentions, they will go gradually every day for a month.

YouTube Social Shares for 11 different services

We buy all this from a premium SMM service for a low fee. this service works without intermediaries.

In total, we spend $500 to promote 1 video. We post 1 video per day on 3 different topics, for a total of 3 videos $1500 per day. But it's worth it, you can see it from the screenshots of our income. In total, we have accumulated exactly 90 videos on three different YouTube channels on different topics and they give us traffic of up to 15,000,000 unique views per day from all videos.

Here is a summary of the steps in all of the above:

1. Upload video to YouTube

2. We register in a high-quality Premium SMM service

3. Immediately after uploading the video on YouTube, we buy the following services for this video:

+ 15,000 to 20,000 views on this video

+ From 3000 to 5000 likes

+ 10 to 15 comments

+ 10,000 YouTube Social Shares for 11 different services, for a total of 110,000 YouTube Social Shares.

4. We are waiting for 3 to 5 days and your video will start receiving from 50,000 impressions per day and more will follow.