How to fix issues related to Roku IR remote?

How to fix issues related to Roku IR remote?

How to fix issues related to Roku IR remote?

Roku remote issues are prevalent on all Roku models be it Standard or Enhanced Remote. Before fixing the problem, you must diagnose it carefully and check which type of remote your Roku device has.

·        Standard remote.

·        Enhanced ‘Point-anywhere’ remote.

The best way to find out the type of remote you are using is by removing the back cover of your remote where batteries are placed.

If you find the pairing button there, then it means Roku Com Link Enter Code device has enhanced remote and if no button is present, then it means you have a standard remote.

Working principle of standard IR remote

In standard remote, the signal is sent to the shorter distance in the form of light and there must be a line of sight communication with the Roku hardware. You can’t point your Roku remote to else direction.

What can be the reason for Roku remote not working?

While pressing the button of Roku Link remote, if it doesn’t work according to the commands then it is quite sure that there is some problem occurring inside. The first thing a common man can try is; pointing the Roku towards Roku receiver. If this still not work, then the batteries may be drained out. To get rid of remote issues, try the steps mentioned here as under:

1.      Check obstructions if any: Press any button from the Roku remote by holding it above your head height. If it is still not picking up the signal, then check obstruction if any in-between Roku and remote. There should not be any furniture, electronic device or moving part between Roku hardware and remote.

2.      Insert batteries again: Check the polarities of your remote and batteries before inserting them. If you have wrongly inserted the batteries, then first pull them and insert again into the compartment.

3.      Replace batteries: Sometimes the batteries get exhausted faster depending on the usage. So, if the remote is not responding replace old batteries with a new one and try clicking any button now.

4.      Try new remote: After performing all the troubleshooting steps, if the problem is still at large, contact local Roku Com Link support and get your Roku remote replaced free of cost.

Another alternative method to check whether the remote is working or not is by sending the IR signal from remote to the smartphone camera. If the light is detected by the camera, then it means the remote is working fine. If it hardly finds the signal then change the batteries of the remote.

Roku Express

A standard IR remote comes with the Roku Express model. If you come across the same problem with the Roku Express model, then go to Roku com page and match symptoms of your device with the one given on link.

Warm or hot to touch

If the remote you are using is hot even after the normal operation, then stop using it or place it on a hard surface for a while till the time it gets normal.There is a number of tricks and tips by which you can fix the remote related issues on your Roku media streaming player. If you are using the standard IR remote and facing a problem with it, then go through the steps mentioned above. For an immediate solution, you can contact Roku experts.