How to create/edit the order?

How to create/edit the order?

The Saleer Team

You can create an order via ‘Market’ – ‘My Orders’ – ‘Create an Order’ menu.

Each order contains few options for editing:

Exchange Rate

Exchange rate is a price of 1 particular currency unit in relation to fiat money

For example:

(700000) means that you are going to buy/sell 1 unit of cryptocurrency by the price of 500000 in fiat money you've chosen.

Limit is the amount of money which limits your trade in the chosen order.

For example: (1000-10000) means that you buy/sell from 1000-10000 in chosen fiat money.

Bank requisites (if you choose the sale order) – the number of your fiat money account. The buyer will use this number to pay for the cryptocurrency he bought from you.

(You can receive the payment only with your personal debit card or with power of attorney (oral or written) debit card). The requisites should match the chosen payment method.

Conditions – the short list of requirements for buying/selling cryptocurrency.

(There should not be any territorial restrictions, requisites, additional fees or advertisement)

Turn on/Turn off – to make order visible/invisible in the market list