How to create promotional clothing brand

How to create promotional clothing brand

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Build Your Branding

From your initial apparel idea to your swing tag design, your branding should be pulsing through your promotional clothing supplier line from top to bottom. Even, your logo created using a logo maker. should find a place on your clothing line. It’s important to narrow in on what your brand represents and stands for as soon as possible to ensure that every decision you make throughout your setup process reflects your brand’s unique identity.

Design Your Line

By this point, you will have designed your line of promotional t-shirt and created tech packs with detailed manufacturing information about each piece (including fabric and trims). You will also have made samples of each piece, which will have been tested for quality and wearability.

Partner with A Manufacturer

In the process of bringing your vision to life, you will have teamed up with a manufacturing partner who will be taking care of your production. Whether you have opted to work with local factories or overseas production clothing suppliers, you will have a contract in place for at least the first run of your collection, which will be placed online ready for you to promote to sell. If you’ve not yet reached this stage of the process, you’ll be able to find production partners for every niche and from all over the world at

Have a Launch Date in Mind

From the very beginning, it’s good to have a launch date in mind when starting a new clothing business. It’s not a problem for this date to change as you develop your business, but without a date in mind at the beginning, you’re starting yourself off on a timeline with no end date. This can be discouraging and actually cause you to take much longer when planning and coming to a decision about certain aspects of your plan.