How to cancel the automatic renewal of Norton Antivirus?

How to cancel the automatic renewal of Norton Antivirus?

A few simple actions to cancel Norton Antivirus Automatic. To ensure the security of your desktop computer and other devices, an antivirus program is required to be installed on your system. The most recommended anti-virus in the world is Norton Antivirus, which works best on every user's operating system. If Norton Antivirus expires, you can renew it using the brand new Norton Antivirus official website.

You often encounter a problem where Norton Antivirus can start automatic renewal. This will happen when the setting is installed automatically. Don't worry, we can resolve this fact. Look here, 

Cancel Automatic Renewal of Norton Antivirus

  1. first, you need a permanent online connection and then go to your chosen web browser. 
  2. Enter the connection in the web address. 
  3. On the upcoming screen, press the "Log in" button in the upper right corner of this screen.
  4. Norton will be redirected to a completely new page. 
  5. Complete your Norton account credentials, which may be your username in addition to your password. 
  6. Use the "Login" button. Review once if you are entering the correct account from which the product was purchased.
  7. Go to the subscription area of ​​these accounts. In the subscription segment, you will see the car-renew button. 
  8. Turn off the switch immediately. 
  9. Norton will cancel the automatic renewal of this anti-virus.
  10. Save the settings.

Once you have a preference, Norton will not start renewing after it has expired unless you begin to renew. Protect your data against viruses and malware. Norton will encourage your body in every aspect. But do you understand what is the method for configuring Norton Antivirus? If not, search here.

Install Norton Antivirus

  1. Get a quick login to your account with a valid Norton email address and password.
  2. You will see an alternative installation of Norton and tap the "Download" button. If you have not registered the product necessary with Norton, fill in the new product key below the specified section to continue.
  3. Now press the consent button and download.
  4. If you have downloaded another Norton product from your accounts, you may need to select the desired product to download here.
  5. "Harness" and continue, in case you understand that the user account control screen appears to be pressed, continue and follow the instructions carefully.
  6. Finally, Norton Antivirus has been successfully downloaded and installed.

This will definitely help you determine Norton Antivirus performance.