How to buy NFT kits

How to buy NFT kits

Detailed instruction:

1. Install the Metamask wallet.

2. Add the Polygon network to the Metamask wallet.

3. Transfer Matic to your Metamask wallet.

4. Connect the Metamask wallet to the Opensea platform.

5. Connect the Metamask wallet to the website.

6. Enter the number of packs from 1 to 24 and click on the Buy button. Make a transaction confirmation in Metamask. You’ll be able to view the purchased NFT’s in a few minutes on the Opensea

You can buy a maximum of 24 packs per transaction. If you need to buy more packs, - make several transactions.


If the "Buy" button doesn't work

1. Disconnect the Metamask wallet from the website.

2. Refresh the page.

3. Connect the Metamask wallet back to the website.

4. Click on the Buy button.


The number of packs and characters is limited.

Standard pack — 8000 pieces.

Medium pack — 8000 pieces.

Legendary pack — 4000 pieces.

Elite pack — 4000 pieces.

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