How to buy cryptocurrency?

How to buy cryptocurrency?

The Saleer Team

Rules for buyer:

1. Create an order for buying or find an order for selling. Then choose the price of the transaction. Bot will find the best offer for you.

2. You have to read buyer’s terms because the transaction will be done according to it.

3. Send the request for the transaction to the seller and then wait until his response. It will take 5 minutes and in case of no response the transaction will be automatically cancelled.  If the transaction was cancelled, choose another seller.

4. In the beginning of the transaction you have to get seller's requisites and make the financial transaction to the special number from the requisites.

5. After the successful transaction, you have to confirm the transaction using bot (confirm it only after receiving the coins from seller)*

6. After the confirmation of seller the transaction is considered complete and you receive the coins on your account.

*In case of any problems with the transaction, you have to open a dispute and send detailed information to the support by option in the dispute menu.

*You can receive the address to add money to the bot from any wallet by choosing ‘Wallet’ – ‘Choose the cryptocurrency’ – ‘Add’

*When you choose the bank to make a purchase, don't transact money from third-party bank, because it may lead to cancellation of the transaction

*Don't transact money by the request of scammers, who impost the support personnel of Telegram (usually they ask you to transact the funds manually)