How To Build A Fren Movement.

How To Build A Fren Movement.

The Funnel Theory: Reject paranoia, build friendships.

This article seeks to inform the reader about group networking. On how to find 1% of people like us in the general population and more. For the sake of this guide, it mainly targets young people, if you're older just mold the content to your own situation.

The main problem with people like us, the traditionalists, Nation-loving folk, [insert your ideology] is that we won't dare to meet in the real world anymore, because we fear the unknown, we fear strangers. The digital world allows for us to proxy social interaction but we fall victim to paranoia, to "what ifs". For users we keep in contact with, we fear they may be less genuine offline, more radical than us, even possible infiltrators… Which gives off a lingering feeling that we're in trouble for supposed misbehavior. We are too dependent on the internet, we have to go to the real world, to our neighbors.

This presents a problem, how do we identify the missing link between ourselves and the bridge we build to trustworthy friends? Say there is a 1% minority of reactionaries, among a population of 30,000 students or of a general population of 500,000 inhabitants. The like-minded minority are hidden among these masses, a diamond in the rough under a constant barrage of demonization, this impedes us from direct exposure in the public sphere at large. Because we would be faced with social isolation, running around in circles, and fail the task at hand. 

To confront the problem we have an effective tool at our disposal, the tool of choice is the funnel theory. The means to this method is to be selective, aim with precision towards those who show some interest in what you have to say. Start this process by adopting outgoing activities, joining clubs, attending places where you're more likely to discover the kind of people you're looking for. This is the technique to identify and get in touch with the 1% of people who may be receptive to you without them fearing for their safety. And without us wasting too much time on posters and so on. Organize dozens of small, totally public, and mainstream subgroups in several layers. 

Create a real friendship with these people. The real journey in our quest to save the west are the friends we meet along the way. Strengthen this group of like-minded people by participating in a LOT of social and religious activities, keep politics to a minimum. A movement is stronger than a political group.  

The Funnel Strategy:

We have to join or organize several small, public, and mainstream subgroups in several layers. First, completely mainstream but connected clubs that filter towards more restricted clubs. Next, even more, restricted clubs, and so on. We have laid out the strategy in four tiers:

  • Tier 1: Mainstream Society 
  • Tier 2: Gatekeeping 
  • Tier 3: Subculture 
  • Tier 4: Close friends 

As per the first three tiers, you can just join them, it isn't necessary to create or channel them into your group. Each of these groups functions independently of your core companions, Tier 4. In each tiered group, there is at least one other Tier 4 friend accompanying you, the objective being to collectively SPOT a person suspected of holding conservative views or the top 1% of said views within each tier. These people are then selected to integrate into your circle of friends or other tiered groups. Next, we will develop how to behave in each Tier. 

How to Act in the three tiers.

  • First focus on befriending people, know the people in the groups, the leaders, the activities and other groups related to this one which will allow you to bridge over to there if the first group is not suitable.
  • You shouldn't go full controversial and radical, The moment the group recognizes you as a radical, you will be sidelined. Therefore focus on knowing the group's members first, before getting too open about your own beliefs.
  • Respect the hierarchy, get closer to them, don't go in the group with the will of changing it. be part of their activities and help them generally. you can show you are a good guy whom they can respect.
  • You should also go too to their purely social activities (like going to the bar ) even if you don't like that, they are worth it because brings people closer and makes it easier knowing the members in less time than without it. 
  • As soon you are inside the group and have a good knowledge of its functions and you are familiar with the group’s members you can begin to check people. In this case focus on the individuals, not the group.

Tier 1: Mainstream Society 

  • Normie/Average parish groups: In this case, consider asking your priest about groups of young people, and usually he will be able to direct you somewhere, this can be used as a starting point to get to know other communities in your area which are better suited, also Volunteering.
  • On campus: Which is easy because everyone is a stranger at first. there are many, rugby clubs, hiking clubs, hunting, debate/political clubs long, etc... Inside them can take notice of those who are more sidelined, their topics of discussion as well.

Next, in a different setting observe their behavior while drinking, touch upon sensitive subjects, let them react, collectively test them with friends. If they pass it, then they can move on to Tier 2.

These satellite organizations have to meet the so-called "mommy criteria".

- "Where are you going?" Mom asks.

- "I'm going to play rugby/study/a dance/concert/see a movie."

These clubs need to be mainstream enough so that no one's ashamed to go there. But at the same time let everyone know that it's unusual, that it's for insiders, for enthusiasts.

Tier 2 - Gatekeeping

Continue participating in mainstream events, this time in the more conservative ones, except begin punching in the direction you wish to channel these groups:

  • Conferences on historical topics counter to progressive narratives such as the truth about the French Revolution, on national heroes of your culture. Visit the monuments of your heroic past, etc. 
  • Pro-life groups, here there are many kinds of people but you know they take their faith seriously enough and want to do something.
  • Boxing, self-defense, just going together to work out at least. 
  • Neoconservative parishes and religious groups. They are usually too stagnant but inside them, there are usually interesting individuals. 
  • Common Right-wing Political parties, go to their meetings and events, no need to join them obviously, just participate and get to know their people. The bad side of this is that they are usually not religious and too focused on mere politics, but there are good individuals inside them who are worth our time.

Inside these groups search for those among them usually holding doubts in their groups, those who are asking more questions than they should. They are the people who get eventually sidelined by the main group.

  • In this tier, we include the internet, especially from Telegram, individuals of cultural and religious motivation, not radical political individuals. Here we should beware of the dangers. Better more real-life than the internet.

If they pass and aren't shocked, we move on. If not, we'll stop there. 

But if it works, we are certain to speak with people with conservative and nationalist views. So we move to Tier 3.

Note : this tier 2 can be useful in finding decent women for your groups in order to make families for all but this should be secondary, you guys don't want to be known as the desperate guys looking for a girlfriend.

Tier 3 : Subculture 

  • Traditionalist groups and parishes. 
  • Reading circles, support committees.
  • Militias.

These people are joining the backbone of your organization. If these people are ready, of good quality and willing, individuals selected among them are directed to Tier 4

Tier 4: Close Friends 

Close-knit relationships, direct action, pure militancy. 

The Funnel 

It's a real funnel. We start from a stock of 30,000 potential people, reduce this to 500 people interested in history, then to 150 interested in history and the crusades, then to 80, etc....

In the end, you get the crème de la crème of conservative, etc... Very traditional people who came to you without freaking out, and then who stay because they just feel like they're in a group of buddies.

And the great advantage of this technique is also and above all: Nobody is left behind, every person can have their value. We are not only interested in the people from Tier 3 or 4, the more traditionally inclined, but we also keep in touch with ALL of the others, no purity spiral, no elitism.

  • Of course, the guys in Tier 2 may not be the most traditional. But the day your core group is going to hold a mainstream ceremony for some traditional celebration, they can join
  • Granted, the film club will never be a traditional stronghold, But maybe the CIVNAT of the film club can lend a hand one day just to host a friend who comes to town to give a lecture on a mainstream topic, but on a topic that will bring in a large crowd.

The groups have to manage, to "compartmentalize" the activities and maintain a silent core. Along with plenty of small, mainstream, sympathetic satellite /allied organizations.  

Networking - The Social Side.

We, on the right, in general, we always lose things: we lose our friends, our family, people hate us, we lose our social value, our public image. But it has to be exactly the opposite. People have to gain by joining us. They need to have fun. They need to make friends, they need to meet a future wife, they need to gain attention, benefits, and so on.

That's exactly what makes a movement last: it becomes like a big family, where everybody wins something. That's what builds and strengthens the ties, A big chunk of the activism should be destined to do something other than politics, to strengthen everyone involved.

This should be natural, not forced, from the perspective of everyone within the network, where everyone thinks the same and helps each other, without even knowing it. That's the magic of it because everybody knows each other at two-thirds of their intimate beliefs.

If it is you who is at the heart of these social exchanges, if it is you who organizes the party, it is you who sets the "normality". If you set the framework, whatever the context, people follow. you have something to filter and select the people who follow and also identify the people who are active. 

People have nothing to lose by frequenting this circle of people, even if something bad happens, you know people will stand at their side. It shouldn't be very political but everybody should agree on the same political line, and at the same time there is the core of traditionalist within all of that

You have to think of it as something purely informal. By people bringing in their friends and stuff... Only activism can't work. What works is social. Camaraderie, collective recreation.

It's time to go out and make Frens.

The next article will be about social skills for antisocial people, the importance of the group, and real-life presence, as alone and on the internet, we can't do anything.

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