How to be in compliance with GDPR and other law requirements.

How to be in compliance with GDPR and other law requirements.

Yakushev Eugene

We at Re:plain are crazy about privacy and security. And we are totally in compliance with all legal requirements worldwide.

So we work in the same way we wish for all our clients. Some companies have to be sure that their clients agreed with their privacy policies. For this, we added a special free feature called Add Policy.

It will easily allow you to add a link to your Privacy Policy and enable a tick that your client will have to place before starting a conversation with you.

Here how you can operate it first.

First of all prepare a page on your website, where you will place all the legal documents that your customer should see.

Then go to MenuYourwebsiteAdd Policy and read the mask of your message carefully.

Example: By clicking the "Send" button, you agree to [the processing of personal data](

Here is what it means:

The words in [square brackets] will be shown in the Re:plain widget and will become a link.

The words in (round brackets) is link to your website where you've placed your Legal documents

The rest of the text you can change as you'd like.

How does it look on your website:

Before your client will leaves you his contact details, you won't have any private data from him. So you can continue chatting. But at the moment when he will decides to leave it, he will have to tick a Privacy tickbox to confirm that he agrees to your Privacy Policy.

That's simple.