How to avoid bans and strikes in Youtube

How to avoid bans and strikes in Youtube

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As you all know, YouTube doesn't like gambling, casino and betting videos very much. The video hosting takes everything very seriously and for the slightest violation you can get a ban on the channel or a strike on the video. There are exceptions when videos live for a very long time. It gets 15,000-100,000 views and is not blocked by YouTube. 

Our manual will consist of 3 blocks:
1) Links
2) Copyright infringement

Today let's look at the main reasons for blocking on YouTube. 

1) Links.

YouTube does not approve links to sites that have not been verified by YouTube itself. So if you leave a link in the video description, you risk having your channel banned. Sometimes our partners get lucky and such videos are not deleted. But YouTube often finds such videos and throws you a Strike.

How do you fight this? There are several working ways:

Use a telegram channel instead of an affiliate link.

Instead of leaving an affiliate link in the video description, you need to leave a link to your telegram channel. In your telegram channel, you will share with the affiliate link. A huge plus of telegram channel is the possibility to be in constant contact with your audience, as well as to motivate them for big deposits. It is important that your Telegram channel is constantly filled with content and motivation. And also in your telegram channel, you can constantly inform players about new videos. Example tg channel :

Use an affiliate link in Youtube comments

Write the affiliate link in the comments of the video, as well as pinned it. This way will keep you from being banned, as Youtube will not see the link to the casino in the description of the video. You can see an example in this video:

Use a link shortening service

This method is not the most effective, but there is a percentage of avoiding the ban will give you. Use services such as / as well as various analogues to shorten your link.

YouTube prohibits the uploading of other channels' content to the channel without permission, be it music, excerpts from movies, TV shows, or clips from other channels. To combat such content, it uses automatic algorithms and a copyright infringement complaint system. 

This means that any user can complain about such infringement, and there are cases when videos are blocked completely unexpectedly. 

Based on the above, we advise you to always make your own copyright content, a unique title and description of the video, as well as always be creative!

I hope this material will help you in your future work with Tivit Bet Partners. We wish you great results!

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