How to Write a Catchy Introduction - 2023

How to Write a Catchy Introduction - 2023

Mary Lewis

Ever heard of a perfect introduction? People say hook matters which is true. Visitors on the website leave in the first fifteen seconds because they want something that piques their interest and no matter what happens, they don’t get bored reading further.

You need to master the skill of writing an interesting introduction if you want the readers to stay there for more than fifteen seconds. It can be said the same for essay writing. Students who wanna pursue writing often have great difficulty getting started with it.

You cannot just start writing your main body without giving the information in the background. Why are eels an invasive species? What are eels? How will I know if I don’t know whether eels are a species of fish or a toy that children like to play with?

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That is the very reason introduction matters and when students are given tasks of writing a formal or informal essay, they pray, “if someone could write my essay?” How about students or those interested in writing blogs, learn this secret?

Now that you have read until now; I know you mean business. Stay here for a little bit more tips and tricks. I promise you will like it.

Why is the introduction important? As I have mentioned earlier, it is important to give out background information on the topic being addressed but also, but it will help readers know if the text is useful or not.

It is up to you to persuade the audience in whatever possible ways so that they stay there and read until the end. Now let me tell you, persuasion is an art that you should learn as well.

I have some brilliant tips for you so that the next time you write an essay, you won’t have to worry about writing a perfect introduction.

Here are some tips that I’m sure you will find helpful.


Start with a hook

Hook sentences that I’m sure you are well aware of, are necessary for grabbing a reader’s attention. The rule is the same for blog posts or academic writing. It could be a quote, an anecdote, or a story from your own life.

It all depends on the topic that you want to garner the reader’s attention but the hook should be topic-appropriate. For example:

It was a cold night. Jackson felt like this is the start of nuclear winter but he was not aware of the unexpected fate that he is about to encounter.

This is just one example, you can add your ideas, quotes, and jokes. Remember!! Be creative. Even for a technical writer, you can add a twist of your own and think about ways people face problems with whatever technology you are discussing.


Be personal

Sharing a personal story is one of the ways you can catch the attention of the audience. The readers will imagine you in that story. As they say, “curiosity kills the cat”, the same thing is implied here. They won’t stop until they read the end.

Many students when writing an academic paper struggle with the appropriate hook and wish to hire an essay writer. Now, that is not the way to go. By following simple tricks, these students can write a perfect introduction.  

I mean there is no harm in taking someone’s help but taking up a challenge knowing you are not good at it, is the way to go.

Ask questions but not so much.

Another great technique is to ask questions. This will intrigue the audience and they will keep on reading and that is the main objective, right?

Just don’t overuse it and in an argumentative essay, this technique is highly discouraged but other than that, you are free to ask questions.


Add a link

Another great way to start an essay or blog post is to post a small link and make sure it is relevant to your topic and audience. Otherwise, it will lose its purpose, and don’t overuse it, which will seem too repetitive.

It’s alright to integrate it once or even twice but no more than that and make sure to add it in the right place. Why so? Because you don’t wanna sound like a salesperson.

Alright, folks, these are the tips and tricks that I wanted to share with you guys on how to write a perfect introduction. However, there are some tips that you need to keep in mind:

Practice writing an introduction, it’s okay if you are taking a lot of time. Just keep practicing until you learn how to be good at it.

In the beginning, you will feel frustrated and annoyed but remember, “no pain, no gain”. A great writer is not someone who knows what to write but how to write. An important tip that I have already shared in the beginning, the goal of writing a catchy introduction is to seek the audience’s attention.

So, make sure you learn the art of catching the attention of your audience. If you still need help, one way is to seek help from an essay writing service I know some students who have trouble mustering this art because of their busy schedule so I suggest asking for help from someone for the samples so you already have the idea how to write it.

Again, I’d recommend doing it yourself so that you have a skill up your sleeve and use it whenever needed because sometimes; in the future, you might see the potential benefit of writing a good introduction and essay.

I am hopeful that you all have fun reading this and have something to learn from these tips.



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