How to Withdraw Money from Betting Account

How to Withdraw Money from Betting Account

Kyle Rogers

Read about the many ways you can withdraw your winnings from your betting account. Learn about common withdrawal methods and how safe they are.

If you have invested real cash on an outcome with an online bookmaker, you are likely to make a profit. This profit is also in the form of real cash which is only useful to you after you have withdrawn it from your betting account. On most gambling sites, withdrawing winnings isn’t as easy as making deposits, so you have to be careful not forfeit your earnings. Also, compared to deposit methods, withdrawals options don’t come in a long list and isn’t as swift. To get your withdrawals processed in due time, you need to be proactive. In this guide, we are going to show you different withdrawal options you are likely to be offered by online gambling sites and the most effective methods you can use.

Withdrawal Methods

As stated above, withdrawal options on most gambling sites are limited, so one has to make a smart choice. Withdrawal options also depend on your country of residence, as some methods won’t be available in your region. However, some withdrawal methods are used worldwide. Below are some of the most popular withdrawal method on bookmaker sites:

Credit or Debit Cards: This is largely offered by most gambling sites. Since most players prefer to use the credit or debit cards to fund their accounts, they suffice as the easiest methods. This method allows the bookmaker to credit your credit card or transfer your AccessBET winnings to your bank account. The process is relatively fast and easy, taking a few days to reflect.

E-Wallets: This includes options such as Skrill, PayPal, and Netteller. Making withdrawals with this method comes with the benefit of speedy processing time. However, your winnings will not be paid into your bank account immediately but added to your e-wallet balance. So if you are planning to convert your earnings into real cash soonest, this is not the ideal method.

Wire Transfer: This method allows you to transfer money straight to your bank account. However, wire transfers can’t be used for small earning, as the minimum limit is quite high. If you are planning to withdraw large earnings, this is the best method to use.

Cash Transfers: Withdrawal method such as Western union allows the betting site to send real cash to you via cash transfer stations. This method takes more time, so if you have immediate plans for your earnings, you should look somewhere else.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings on Betting Sites

Withdrawal rules and regulations vary from one bookmaker to another. However, most of them have similar processes. Some betting sites will require you to make withdrawals with the same deposit methods you have chosen, so you need to be careful when choosing a deposit method. Also, a lot of gambling sites will not allow you to process withdrawals via credit or debit cards, so you will need to use another withdrawal method when cashing out.

To initiate a withdrawal process, you need to be logged into your user account. Also, you must have confirmed your winnings by checking your account balance, if you have not been notified via email. Once you have confirmed your winning, you can then select the “Withdraw” option and choose your preferred method of withdrawal. You might be asked to provide certain details if you are using an option for the first time. Once all the necessary details have been provided, you can then submit to your bookmaker. The withdrawal process will be promptly initiated and you will receive a confirmation by email.