How-to: Token swap from WAVES to LTO Mainnet

How-to: Token swap from WAVES to LTO Mainnet


Important note: Always double check the information you read against the official channels. See for all official support channels like Telegram, community platform, etc.


This guide has two steps:

1)     Create new LTO Mainnet Wallet to hold your LTO tokens in

2)     Do the token swap from WAVES ‘LegalThings One’ tokens to LTO Mainnet tokens (during which tokens are multiplied by 10)

Step 1: Create new LTO Mainnet Wallet

1a) Go to: and click ‘create account’

1b) Give your wallet a name and password:

1c) Write down your SEED words and keep them safe!

1d) Complete the verification step:

1e) Welcome to your wallet:

Step 2: Do token swap

Warning: The only valid tokens for swapping are ‘LegalThings One’ tokens on WAVES. All other kind of tokens are lost while sending it to LTO mainnet. People trying to sell you other tokens on WAVES as “LTO tokens” are lying most likely and trying to scam you.

2a) Open your (new) LTO Mainnet Wallet and click in the left menu on ‘Waves Token Swap’

2b) Read and click ‘Let’s get started’

2c) Go through the “you’re not a robot” stuff.

2d) If you do not have 0.001 WAVES in your WAVES wallet, you can request it in the process. What service of LTO!

2e) Copy the newly create bridge address somewhere where you can find it, so you can use it in WAVES. Note: The bridge address is kept the same if you rerun the process and you can send your WAVES tokens to it multiple times. I’ve had a few times the address did not shown directly (hung on the waiting circle). If that is the case just, follow the steps again and second time the address should show as normal.


2f) Ready to send some tokens!

2g) Open your WAVES wallet and go to your portfolio. Find your ‘LegalThings One’ tokens and click on the arrows up to open the SEND window.

2h) Fill in the Bridge Address created in your LTO Mainnet Wallet and add the number of tokens you wish to send. Note: Try a small amount first and see if it succeeds, then do the rest. 0.001 WAVES fee is a small price to ensure your bridge works correctly!

2i) Double check your address and click ‘SEND’.

2j) Go to your LTO Mainnet Wallet and wait a few minutes. Tokens should pop up fairly quickly with a multiplied amount of 10. Once successful, transfer the rest of your tokens out of WAVES and decide what you do with your LTO Mainnet tokens for the time being:

Will you HODL, SELL (be careful of the bridge troll! or STAKE/LEASE them on a node. It’s up to you!