How to Proceed Through Make-Up of Your Sex Doll?

How to Proceed Through Make-Up of Your Sex Doll?

Silicone Dolls

While your sec doll comes with ready makeup, but with regular use, especially it will get rubbed often, the makeup will get faded.

So, what to do now? How to make your TPE puppen doll gorgeous and sexy again? You can do that by applying her make-up again. And for that follow this guide:

Make-Up Materials Required

·        Cotton sticks and pad

·        Lotion for make-up removal

·        Lipstick

·        Concealer

·        Eyebrow pencil

·        Blush

Steps to Apply Make-Up

1.      Cleaning Her Face

·        Remove the head and wig

·        For already applied make-up, use the remover to remove that

·        Clean doll’s face using a soft sponge dipped in anti-bacterial soap

·        Dry the face using a soft and clean cloth, and let it rest for an hour


2.      Decide Make-up Application

·        Now you have to decide where to apply make-up on her, like lips, eyes, cheeks and more.

·        Not all products have to be applied, including moisturiser as it’s not a real person


3.      Eyebrow Make-up

·        For eyebrow make-up, apply using eyebrow pencil of the original colour and apply on the sparse areas in the original shape.

·        For deeply faded eyebrow, you can create a new one as per your liking (choose according to face type)


4.      Apply Mascara

·        Use a curler to curl her eyelashes – placing at the upper lash base, then closing it and holding for a few seconds

·        Use the mascara to coat the bristles with swirling way, starting at the roots

·        Use a clean wand to comb the lashes out (for lashes that stick together)

·        Repeat the same method for the lower lashes


5.      Lips Make-up

·        Pick lip colour or lip gloss that is deeper than the original one

·        Use a matching colour concealer and dab on her lips

·        Put lipstick on a lip brush, apply evenly on the lips (keep it within the corners)

·        Blot using tissue paper so that the lip colour is blended nicely onto the lips

·        For extra fullness apply one layer of lip gloss


6.      Blush Make-Up

·        Choose blush colour on factors;

Ø Fair skin – peach, baby pink or plum colour

Ø Medium skin – mauve or apricot colour

Ø Olive skin – bronze or rose colour

Ø Dark skin – bright tangerine, brick or raisin colour

·        Apply colour on to the doll’s cheek’s apples with a small dab

For removing the make-up from your TPE liebespuppen, you need to use the make-up remover in a gentle way and only the make-up has to be removed. Use a clean and soft cloth to wipe the remover.

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