How to Make Valentine’s Day Extra Special

How to Make Valentine’s Day Extra Special

Many people say that couples should show their appreciation for each other all year round, and love and romance shouldn’t be reserved for Valentine's Day. While this is true, Valentine's Day does provide a unique opportunity to show someone how much they mean to you. We take a look at some great ideas to make Valentine’s Day extra special.

Do you preparation

Whatever you want to do on Valentine’s Day, it's important to prepare in advance. Restaurants will quickly become booked up, and gifts can take longer to arrive in the post. Try to get on top of all of your valentines plans at least a few weeks in advance. This way, you won’t be rushing around at the last moment. Nothing says unprepared better than a gift arriving a few days after Valentine’s Day. Your partner will appreciate the effort and thought that’s gone into your Valentine’s Day preparation.

Relive old memories 

A great way to make Valentine’s Day extra special is to plan a visit to a place that’s meaningful to your relationship. Perhaps you had a wonderful first date or a place you used to visit when you first got together with your partner. Not all relationships will have a specific, meaningful place, but you might have a trip or a particular type of food that reminds you of when you first got together. Use this to inspire your Valentine’s Day celebration to make it extra special. 

Spend time together

A quick valentines dinner is nice, but to make your Valentine’s Day extra special, you should dedicate an entire day or weekend to each other. Perhaps you could get someone to look after the kids that day or take a day off work to spend just the two of you. Dedicating time together can be challenging with a busy schedule, but it's very important if you want to remain happy and connected in your relationship.

Get a thoughtful gift 

Anyone can buy flowers and chocolates from the local shops. Choose a thoughtful and personal gift for your partner to make things extra special. Perhaps it's something that they’ve been talking about or mentioned they’d like in the past. When picking a gift, choose something for your partner to enjoy, and avoid things that are useful in your household, such as a new vacuum cleaner. Valentine’s Day gifts should show your partner how much they mean to you and how much you love them; it shouldn’t be an excuse to purchase a new item you need for your home; unless that’s what you’ve agreed to do as a couple. 

Make a grand gesture

Valentine’s Day is a great day for a grand gesture and to make a commitment to your partner and your relationship. If you want to go big on Valentine’s Day, you could use it to make a grand gesture. Perhaps you’ve been planning on asking your partner for their hand in marriage or asking them to move in with you. However, always think about a grand gesture and make sure you and your partner are in the right space for the gesture to work. Don’t just ask them for their hand in marriage because you can’t think of a good way to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Take a trip together.

Nothing says love like a romantic trip together. Choose a romantic destination or place close to your heart and your relationship. You could visit your honeymoon spot or return to the place where you had your first trip together. These trips will bring back precious memories and allow you to spend valuable time together as a couple. It can also be a great way to reconnect with your partner if you’ve been feeling distant and need to relight the spark.

Making your Valentine’s Day extra special is all about doing things you know your partner will enjoy. Only you will know your partner and what they would like to do on Valentine’s Day. If their perfect night is staying in and watching a film and ordering a takeaway, you could choose this. Whatever it is, make sure you prepare in advance and have everything you need to make the day a success. 


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