How to Increase Organic Site Traffic

How to Increase Organic Site Traffic

Ronit Singh
Increase Organic Site Traffic

Developing organic traffic even for branded searches is now vital for websites for several reasons: 

Enables the development of more stable and sustainable organic traffic. Unlike the positioning for commercial keywords, branded traffic is subject to less competition, fewer fluctuations in the SERP and a growth proportional to the brand awareness that we will be able to build; 

Allows improving on-site user engagement metrics. Usually, those looking for the brand on Google are really interested in reaching the site. As a result, excellent engagement metrics will be recorded such as low bounce rates, longer stay times, increased number of page views, etc. which will balance those of the "non-branded" traffic. 

Allows ensuring greater immunity to Google algorithmic updates that now, at an almost monthly rate, create strong jolts and swings in the SERP and interest, incidentally, especially those sites that have not been able to develop a brand identity that attracts branded organic traffic. 

It is traffic that can grow steadily over time.

You will be reaching one of the most coveted goals among those who make web marketing: transforming a company, a start-up, or a new unknown site in a brand. 

We list the steps that have been taken by the Freelance SEO Expert India to achieve this result. The information is presented in general terms so that each reader can adapt his situation to this case. 

  1. Write a Google Site Revision Request 

Google is currently overwhelmed with requests for review from webmasters from around the world. On holidays, search quality teams do not review these requests. From the SEO experts experience: Google may take about 15-30 days to respond to a request for revision; during periods of high load it may take even longer. 

Ideally, you need to be completely honest in your request for review and tell Google about everything that the previous agency did and what you did. 

Do not forget to include all the information from Excel about deleted links and let us know that you are going to continue to get rid of all the negative aspects. 

2. Implement a strategy for creating high-quality content 

So, Google accepted the request for revision, now you can move on and create a strategy to build high-quality link mass and content. 

At the same time, we must be prepared for the fact that high-quality links are expensive, so we advise you to decide in advance on the criteria for selecting such donors. 

In fact, you have to decide on the filters by which you will select sites for placing links. 

As you probably know, the network is full of marketing examples of creating good content, but the problem is that for the most part, these are examples of large companies. 

Small and medium businesses cannot spend such a large amount of money, so it's best to create a "content calendar' at the next stage so that the client knows when and how much money will be needed for writing and subsequent publication. 

Identify all the events related to the placement of content during the year, and consider how you can relate them to the client's business. 

We advise everyone to be involved in this process, even the secretary. In business, good ideas for content can come from anywhere and from anyone Creative agencies charge thousands of dollars for brainstorming, but a similar effect can be achieved for free with your team. 

3. Implement a strategy to build a quality link mass 

Link a link building strategy with your content building marketing strategy. Methods of increasing the reference weight have changed dramatically over the past few years. Gone are the days when you left links on forums or in social bookmarking services. 

In today's market, if you want to be ahead, you need to take a responsible approach to create a reference mass. Below are some topical ideas for creating a reference profile: 

Make sure that the relevant links are always included in the PR materials that you publish. 

Make sure that you are looking for suppliers and companions of your business with which you can exchange links. 

4. Search for technical errors on the site 

Many outdated sites have big technical problems. Here are some examples of major technical problems that can most often be encountered: 

Someone completed the site transfer last year and did not set up 301 redirects to the correct URLs, which in turn led to the fact that many key pages now give a 404 error, although this should not be. Someone created a whole section of related categories using JavaScript technology, and search engine robots cannot access the content. 


So, these are the key steps that have helped the freelance SEO expert India client to achieve organic SEO traffic growth. Perhaps this guide will help webmasters in their fight for the love of search engines and, in particular, Google.

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