How to Get People to Show Up for Work on Time

How to Get People to Show Up for Work on Time

Late at work

Excessive tardiness in the workplace causes production to slow and requires other employees to step in for the late employee. Resolving a tardiness problem in the workplace requires you to address all employees and explain how tardiness affects both employees and the company. By ensuring that your employees understand the benefits of arriving on time and making an effort to help them arrive on time consistently, your company’s tardiness problem will become a thing of the past.

1. Meeting

Call a meeting with all employees. To ensure that all employees attend the meeting--especially the habitual latecomers--plan the meeting ahead of time and make it clear that it is mandatory that everyone show up.

2. Discussion

Start off the meeting by explaining to everyone that you called the meeting to discuss a problem within the workplace. Explain that you’ve witnessed some employees arriving later than their scheduled work time. Do not point out anyone or look at employees who are at fault. Singling someone out will backfire and cause your relations with that employee to suffer.

3. Explanation

Touch on why arriving on time at work is important. Explain that when an employee arrives late, it often proves impossible for that employee to complete his daily tasks and forces others to pick up the employee’s slack. If you’re in the business of customer service, explain how a lack of employees can cause customer service to plummet and result in frustrated customers who won’t return.

4. Alarms

Offer your employees advice for getting to work on time. Tell them to watch for construction or closed roads and adjust the time they leave home accordingly. Suggest setting multiple alarms to employees that have difficulty waking up.

5. Call

Tell employees to call if they know they’re going to be late. Explain that a phone call at least prepares management and co-workers for the tardy employee.

6. Excuse

Talk about excused late arrivals. To avoid sounding like a brute of a manager, explain that you understand if an employee cannot make it on time due to an illness, because of his child or due to an emergency. Tell employees who have difficulty making it to work on time because of children to talk to you about a more flexible schedule.

7. Discipline

Discipline employees as necessary and on a case-by-case basis. Do not discipline your entire workforce, but rather individuals who continue to arrive late without a legitimate reason. Verbal warnings, written warnings, time off and even termination is acceptable if an employee constantly arrives late.

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