How to Get B2B Sales Leads?

How to Get B2B Sales Leads?

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B2B sales leads refers to sales you make to other businesses rather than to individual consumers.

Nowadays, most shopping occurs on the internet. Therefore, it is important to have an online strategy to broaden your customer base.

Attract customers with the lead generation techniques. To do so, create valuable content tailored to them.

Learn more about how help you lead generation business. In this article, we give advice on capturing quality B2B sales leads.

What's a lead?

A lead is a person who visits your website and provides some kind of contact information. As a result, your contact base expands. From that base, you must know how to identify quality sales leads.

There are different ways to classify a b2b sales leads. The most common method is from the moment it shows up in your system to acquiring a customer. This is often called "life-cycle stages" and includes the following:

Blog Subscriber: A contact who receives blog updates can also be a lead.

Lead: A contact that has interacted with your content by filling out a submission form. They show in interest in your products or services.

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL): A person that has downloaded offers and viewed your products page frequently. They request more information by asking for demos or buying guides. 

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL): A MQL that the sales team determines is a contact that is ready for the buying stage. Sales, marketing and general Management must agree when defining SQLs.

From here on, the sales department manages these contacts. We recommend these tips for each phase of the sales funnel.

How to Generate Quality Sales Leads?

Generating sales-ready leads or MQLs is a process that requires consistency and work. It is based on 3 fundamental tactics:

Boost Web Traffic

The more people that visit your website, the more likely they are to become customers. 

We recommend that you focus on conversion percentages. If your conversion rates are maintained or improved, you will need to get more traffic volume.

You can use these techniques:

  • Create search engine optimized (SEO) articles to rank highly in Google search.
  • Invest in pay per click (PPC) search. Use keywords that are relevant to your subject and have a high number of searches. Your ads will be showing for users who are looking for your products or services. You only pay for ads that are clicked on. You’ll be able to see which keywords did and did not get clicks or lead to conversions.
  •  Don't just rely on Google and SEO to make your content visible. In B2B, it is important to use PPC channels, Linkedin Ads, and other formats.

Experiment with different tactics and use multiple channels to receive exceptional results.

Use the Buyer Persona Technique

Understand your customers better in order to turn website visitors into contacts. Creating a detailed description of your target customer allows you to tailor your marketing messages.

When potential clients access your website or blog, you must offer them something in exchange for their data. For example, offer an ebook with content relevant to their objectives.

Create landing pages to which the traffic will be directed to. These landing pages must be designed to entice the person visiting them to leave their contact information.

Get MQLs

Transform the maximum number of leads into MQLs or qualified leads.You can consider a lead to be a MQL when it has shown interest in content offered and visits key pages on your website. 

Additionally, you can establish that a lead is converted to MQL when the so-called BOFU content offer is downloaded. For example, receiving a free consultancy or a free trial.

I have MQLs. What’s next?

Sales qualify these MQLs as SQLs. In other words, analyze if they are suitable as a commercial contact. Identify if prospective clients are able to purchase a product or service.

A high quality lead (MQL) might not be able to purchase a product or service instantly but be able to later on given enough time.

Once again, it is important that your team agrees on the definitions of each phase.

Only by experimenting, can you truly know what does and doesn’t work. As a result, you will be able to use your time and budget more effectively to generate higher returns on B2B sales leads.

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