How to Enter

How to Enter


How to get access to the Q encrypted conference? 👇

1. Download Utopia - encrypted ecosystem (any PC platform)

2. Install, execute.

3. You can see start screen

4. Press "Create new account"

5. Press "Next", Type your nickname, next

6. Choose your encrypted container directory, you also can left it as is (it is your data file) 

7. Type your password, next

8. Press "Finish"

9. You can see beautiful cryptographic animation, wait for it to load. 

10. Read the welcome window, close it. Look at toolbar top left. 

11. Tools - Channel Manager---> look at the inscription with channels synchronization progress, wait for it. 

12. After synchronization is complete, in search bar paste AC55CA7CA70D70EE7EABF22F78A0F376 and press enter. (Or you can use a quick link) 👉 PRESS HERE 👈

13. Find information button at the toolbar, press it. 

14. Look at bottom left corner and press "Join" button.

15. All is done now. Wait for Q to appear, Patriot.