How to Effectively Market Your Ayurvedic Pharma Products?

How to Effectively Market Your Ayurvedic Pharma Products?

Marketing can be called the backbone of your business if you are in the pharma franchise business. If you do everything right and the marketing wrong, you can be rest assured that there will be no profit in the business. It is therefore important to focus on your marketing strategies as much as you would focus on become a franchisee and fulfilling the primary requirements of the franchisor.

In case of Ayurvedic pharma, you cover the half way to success by selecting a franchisor that would help you get profits; the remaining half includes going on the field with a robust Ayurvedic pharma marketing strategy to create networks with retailers, physicians, and influencers, who can help you sell the products that you want to sell. This blog will discuss the basics that will facilitate the marketing endeavors.

The Ayurvedic Pharma Marketing Strategies

Most of the people will tell you that marketing ayurvedic pharma is similar to marketing allopathy pharma products. But, in reality, there is stark difference in how this would work. Let’s first look at some basic points and then analyze the strategies that are used.

·        With allopathy medication, there is a risk of side-effects and therefore, a prescription is required. This creates way for the Ethical Marketing strategy. Agents involved in marketing usually visit doctors in an area and create networks with them so that the doctors prescribe those medicines.Remember that even allopathy doctors often prescribe ayurvedic medicines because there is no rule against it.

In case of ayurvedic pharma, the risk of side-effects is comparatively less. Therefore, a prescription might not always be necessary. Therefore, along with the ethical marketing strategy, you can engage in Generic Marketing. However, this does not rule out the possibility of risk. Engage in generic marketing with caution and ensure that the pharma products that you market carry caution labels.

·        There are very few allopathy medicines that are available over-the-counter (OTC) and ayurvedic pharma products do not have any such limitation especially the consumer good segments like hair and skin care products. This is an opportunity where Ayurvedic companies in India can be used to excel. The best way to adopt OTC Marketing is to network with retail pharmacists in your area.

The retailers can be rewarded by giving them additional profit margins or reducing their upfront purchase price. Some marketers also use Conventional Marketing strategies with posters and leaflets being stuck at chemist shops to market products that can be directly bought without any prescription.

·        Another effective marketing strategy for Ayurvedic products is to create an online store for reaching more customers or to sell products through a third-party store that caters to patients. This Online Marketing strategy requires some level of investment if you are creating a store that would sell only your products.

If you are becoming a vendor for some online store, then the investment would not be that much. However, by law, you will still be bound to selling medications only when you have the prescription from a registered medical practitioner. The cosmetic items in this case would not require a prescription.

With so many strategies for your disposal, create an Ayurvedic pharma marketing strategy that best suits your interest and budget. There are many advantages that Ayurveda has over the modern forms of medications when we talk about marketing and selling. You can draw great benefit from these advantages.

A good franchisor to back to you, a good network to dispense your products easily, and a great marketing strategy that keeps expanding your network are perfect ingredients for successful ayurvedic pharma franchise business.