How to Delegate Tezos (XTZ) with Tezbox Wallet

How to Delegate Tezos (XTZ) with Tezbox Wallet

Norn Delegate

To delegate Tezos (XTZ) using Tezbox Wallet (for Galleon follow this manual) follow this steps:

1. You must have funded tz1* address.

2. Click Add account on the left.

3. Click "Yes" in dialog window "Creating a new account incurs an origination fee of ~0.25XTZ - do you want to continue?"

This will create a new kt1* address on the left.

4. Send funds to kt1* address:

  • copy to clipboard your kt1* address
  • open tz1* address on the left
  • open Send tab
  • paste your kt1* address in the To address field
  • fill Amount you wish to delegate and fee (you can leave it O, but I’m not sure it works anymore)
  • Send

Wait a little for your funds on kt1* address.

5. Last step: delegation:

  • open kt1* address on the left
  • click Delegate
  • choose Custom in dropdown menu
  • fill Delegate address of you favorite delegate. You can choose Norn Delegate: tz1YdCPrYbksK7HCoYKDyzgfXwY16Fy9rrGa

Click Update Delegate.

Thats all :)

If you have problems with Tezbox wallet just use another browser and incognito mode.