How to Create Your Own Menu for Firefox

How to Create Your Own Menu for Firefox

Rachel Adams

A Lot of people have dropped a while past the banality Internet Explorer (IE) browsers into other more secure and less vulnerable to outside attacks we confront in accessing certain sites.

Should you use Mozilla Firefox 3, at the rankings below you may learn how to create a new menu customized according to your tastes

Aside from the conventional Buttons"Back", "Forward" and"Cease", Firefox also offers quick only search bar. If you're a man or woman who has some preferences about the best way best to use the Firefox website or print webpages, it permits you to create these alterations.

To create a new toolbar should go Into the View menu, Toolbars picking the alternative, which opens a menu to the right side. Here you select the option which will open a window. It exhibits. You have to click Add New Toolbar in the cellar window to create a new toolbar.

You will see a new question window Will request that you type the title of this Toolbar. Type your title. A new shortcut bar will be set just beneath the toolbar default.

Using a drop and drag motion, you may add toolbar buttons simply by dragging the button.

After The toolbar has been ordered by you, the procedure can be finished by you, or you'll be able to keep on using a couple of changes of look. Buttons instead of text it is possible to set a particular title to each, or you may make them smaller by checking the box"Use Small Icons".

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