How to Connect Brother Printer to WIFI

How to Connect Brother Printer to WIFI

Before you place your Brother printer in a radio community, you must understand the basics.

Just make sure you have tested and saved your wireless configurations, you may need to provide the following details for connecting brother printer to wifi.

Where to locate the network name and network key in the Brother Printer Wi-Fi installation?

  • Watch the side or base of this router or access point.
  • View the documentation for the wireless router or access point.

Save the details as you may need them in the future to install the Brother Printer Wi-Fi.

  • The best way to strengthen the Brother Printer Wi-Fi installation.
  • Follow these steps to set up your Brother printer wirelessly. Start by connecting the power cord to the Brother system and then into the wall outlet.
  • Change to the Brother printer.
  • Visit the Brother printer control panel and press the menu button.
  • Now install the down arrow keys and select Network. Then press OK (but this may not be appropriate for many Brother devices).
  • When "Allow WLAN" appears, tap yes.
  • This will turn on the wireless network and launch the wireless installation wizard to get the Brother Printer Wi-Fi configuration. Start a network search.
  • A list of available network titles will appear. Use the down and up arrow keys to select the SSID you created earlier.
  • Enter the network key (password) and tap OK if you are using authentication and encryption. 
  • Now select Yes to use the settings for the next step towards the Wi-Fi Configuration of the Brother printer.
  • Otherwise, go to the next step if you're using an open platform because the authentication method and encryption mode are not one.

Your Brother printer will try to connect to the wireless community; You selected.

The Brother LCD will display the attached LCD if the Brother printer establishes the links. The printer prints wireless link accounts showing the connection: OK. You have finished using the Brother Printer's Wi-Fi Setup

But if the connection fails, Brother Printer will publish a report with an error code.

After you finish using the Brother printer's Wi-Fi configuration, then download and install the printer drivers, for this, you need to visit the Brother support website, and then in the download section. Download the full driver and application package. Then follow the instructions on the page.

If you still have doubts about the Brother printer's Wi-Fi configuration, Visit the link for more details.