How secure is Kaspersky Internet Security for Android?

How secure is Kaspersky Internet Security for Android?

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A few years ago, smartphones were considered invulnerable when it comes to viruses and malware. However, these times are a thing of the past because the following quickly increases the number of malicious programs. The result can be data loss, unpleasant data exchange and also loss of control over the device. To protect yourself from the same things, there are antivirus programs, just like for desktop computers. One of them is Kaspersky Internet Security for Android. We checked: is this suite a usable program? Because it is precisely when we have security, for example when we play Amatic slots free games online for real money, that real anti-virus software is important.

Search the App Store and install

Searching the Google Playstore is easy: the search term Kaspersky quickly leads us directly to our goal. You can start right away with a click on "Install". With one Internet line, the entire operation takes less than a minute, the software is 46 megabytes and data is on the smartphone. After starting the app, the following must be checked:

End user license agreement

Privacy Policy for Products and Services

Optionally, we can also check whether we are part of data processing for marketing purposes or not. The app includes access to the device memory in order to be able to function. The user has to separate this separately. Leads it goes to belongs to the software.

Well-known, Kaspersky Internet Security is available to every user for one week free of charge. This is also sufficient to have a virus scan heard and to detect any problems. Anyone who owns another protection belongs to 11 € for an annual license. Alternatively: Anyone who already has a license for several devices, sells because they have heard a second version for their computer, can register with the "My Kaspersky" service with their own name and password and obtain the smartphone in their account.

The first steps

After the change was started the program a first, belongs to virus scan. Kaspersky contractors will determine whether there are any further security problems and will indicate these effects. A problem for every user: The protection when surfing the Internet is not active. Kaspersky Nord enables this protection for the Chrome browser. Warning: All other browsers are currently not being processed.

Switching on this function is also simple: After clicking on the right option the user has access to Chrome and this in the system under "Accessibility". Don't worry, the program has to use this setting. Once that is done, the protection is done.

Other important steps

Next, a personal and domestic scan of the smartphone was selected. Because viruses can be found not only in the answers, but also in the perception, for example in videos and pictures that were received via messaging services. Depending on the size of the memory and the number and number of scans and the number of scans.

Call filter

This functional function tells the user to encounter a blacklist of numerical numbers whose interests are represented.

Protective protection

A special highlight of Kaspersky Internet Security is the possibility of protecting interests. If the smartphone is lost, it can use all kinds of functions remotely:

Lock and locate the device

A mug shot belongs

delete data

Alarm function perception

The functions must be activated separately by the user and with a glance, four or six-digit code. You should be able to do any function, for example from your computer, through the "My Kaspersky" service.