How remote monitoring can take health care to the next level

How remote monitoring can take health care to the next level


Everyone has the right to quality health care. And while the U.S. has one of the most advanced health care systems in the world, you can't stop there. You need to move forward and constantly evolve.

At bServed, we are ready to be your trusted partner in improving and modernizing your healthcare facility and taking your customer service to the next level. This is achieved with the help of digital technologies and a special program of remote patient monitoring. If you are interested in this offer, visit, where you can learn much more and clarify all the details to start a mutually beneficial cooperation with us.

Advantages of using the RPM system

This remote monitoring system is equally useful for both the medical facility and the patients themselves. People who go for home treatment, need constant care or health monitoring will help doctors to get all the necessary data online.

How can this be achieved? bServed proposes to implement special wearable devices for patients, install mobile applications and use an online platform through which all data will be transmitted. The security and confidentiality of information is guaranteed. This convenient system of communication between patients and the clinic greatly simplifies health monitoring and creates all conditions for providing better and more timely medical care.

The benefits of implementing such a remote monitoring system are undeniable:

  • Patients can actively manage their own health;
  • medical workers receive the necessary information remotely and monitor the health status of patients;
  • risks and the number of repeated hospitalizations are reduced;
  • patient engagement in the process of improving health increases;
  • Improves the overall efficiency of health care delivery;
  • timely intervention in the event of sudden changes in vital signs;
  • proactive management of the treatment process;
  • increased patient satisfaction.

With RPM's ability to transmit vital signs such as blood pressure, heart function, glucose levels, and body temperature, the physician is able to respond to negative changes, communicate with the patient in a timely manner, prescribe effective treatment, or refer for additional tests before complications arise.

bServed is ready to be your reliable partner in the implementation and use of RPM system. So if you agree, we can start a mutually beneficial cooperation today!

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