How progressive jackpot slots work

How progressive jackpot slots work

Lola Henderson

Do you love to play slots and dream of winning huge jackpots? This is possible thanks to the progressive jackpot. These are serious wins at the biggest casinos in the world, awarded by casino operators and collected by the press.

But how do progressive jackpot slots really work?

A win that grows over time.

We use the adjective "progressive" because the jackpot grows over time. It is not the casino that decides to award a bonus of 10,000 zlotys for a machine that can be unlocked after you win.

The more players play the slots associated with the progressive jackpot, the more it increases.

It can start at 0 as well as the high amount set by the casino. When a lucky player wins the progressive jackpot, it goes back to the original amount and the progressive jackpot goes back to the top.

Each casino has a percentage that is passed on to the progressive jackpot.

If the jackpot amount increases while players are in the slot, it is simply because a percentage of each bet goes into the progressive jackpot.

On average, a AuCasinosList pays players 85% to 97% of the money they collect on slot machines. This means that if a slot machine bets $100, then $85 to $97 will be paid out as winnings, and the rest is the casino's profit margin.

In the case of the progressive jackpot, the casino operator decides to use some of that profit margin to put it into the progressive jackpot. The higher the percentage allocated to this jackpot, the faster it goes.

How do I get the progressive jackpot?

In online casinos, the games that can be in progressive mode are quite varied: of course you have slot machines, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.

There are two ways to get progressive jackpots. Each slot machine explains the process either in general slot machine terms (for an online casino) or on signage (for a land-based casino).

The first method works like instant winnings. According to a random algorithm, the jackpot is dropped on rotation. Regardless of whether the machine combination is won or not, the jackpot is played in parallel and triggered.

Another way is to award the winnings when a certain combination falls on the slot machine. The simplest one is the jackpot image displayed on all reels of the machine at the same time. However, on some machines the combinations are more complex, but I understood why so much animation appears!

How to know if the game is in progressive mode

Now know that casinos will talk a lot about their progressive games because they know what attracts players. That way, you'll have a section of the page dedicated to the necessary readings so you can find it quickly.

Then when you play, you will always have a tab showing the growing jackpot. You will find that sometimes the amount grows very quickly, and the more it grows, the more attractive it becomes, so the more interested players come to try their luck and, therefore, the more bets are placed, and so it becomes more attractive. rises even faster. It's a cruel trick that only ends after you win the jackpot.

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