How i Trade stocks using bitcoin on Koinpro

How i Trade stocks using bitcoin on Koinpro

Kings Amalaego

I decided to write an article about how to trade stocks using bitcoin because a lot of people contacted me to buy there bitcoin during bitcoin dip because of panicking, they do not know that they can make even much more profit by trading stocks using bitcoin during bitcoin dip.

Hurtful truth is that, this is how the cryptocurrency big players stay untop of there game, they do not have to worry or panic if bitcoin crashes.

So many people think that the only way to make profit with bitcoin is to buy more bitcoins when it dip and sell of when it moons. Well quite impressive but not the best option see how i:

Trade stocks using bitcoin and make profits

For a beginner, how to trade stocks with bitcoins might seem a bit complicated so i’ll start by briefly explaining how it works and how to trade the stock market using bitcoin or other cryptocurrency so be sure to read it to the end.

Trade stocks using bitcoin

Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrency and is becoming widely accepted. I bet you never knew you can trade stocks with bitcoin? — There are lots of website available that lets you trade stocks using bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency but i prefer to use koinpro because i found them to be more reliable among others. you can make lots of money trading stocks with bitcoin, do not just hodl

Koinpro is a completely anonymous way to trade stocks with bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, with koinpro you can trade stocks without kyc — just stay completely anonymous (I believe privacy matters and that is why i am going to use Koinpro for this article.

register account on Koinpro

How to register an account on KoinPro

  • Visit Fill out the account information.
  • Enter your email
  • Enter your desired password
  • Then, check the box I’m not a robot and I agree to the terms of services. Finally click on the Register button is done.

How to Trade Stocks using Bitcoin on Koinpro

  • After successfully creating your account on Koinpro
  • Transfer Bitcoin (or other crypto assets) or Buy through Koinpro — Koinpro works like any other crypto wallet, you can easily send assets into the wallet by generating a wallet address. You can also buy Bitcoin and other coins directly through Koinpro. They offer a number of different payment options including Credit Card and Bank Transfer.
  • Exchange for Shares — Simply tap on the asset you’d like to add to your portfolio (like Alibaba shares), click the funding source (i.e Bitcoin) and then initiate the exchange.

What you need to know about trading stocks using bitcoin on Koinpro

CFD Trading — you’re effectively trading a CFD on koinpro. This means you don’t need to take ownership of the underlying asset, but you’ll still profit when the asset rises just like you would holding the actual stock.

Partial Stocks — you can invest any amount into a stock. You don’t need to buy 1 whole share. That means you can build a diversified portfolio using a smaller amount of capital.

Market Hours — Your order will go through when the markets are open. So if you exchange when the market is closed, it’ll be pending until it opens.

If you are an absolute beginner, then keep reading.

Koinpro offers a Double-Up contract, what this means is that you will never lose more than the first payment, it provides a peaceful mind for new traders and super easy to understand plus limit risk.

Double-up contract was designed for beginners who just enter the trading world because everyone can enter a trade, but only a pro knows when to exit.

Many new traders might not know that they will end up with losing much more than what they paid in the first place. They do not understand the professional terms: initial margin, notional amount, maintenance margin, margin call.

With 100x leverage, which is now common across renowned exchanges, a trader only pays 1% of they might actually lose in the end if he/she can not exit the trade.

Smart Exit: Exit In Time to Get Your Money in Pocket.

Most beginners lose because they forgot or even do not know that they need to exit their trades.

Either it’s because of the trade has unfortunately hit the budget for it to lose, or it successfully fulfilled the expected profit, we miss the market, or we simply forgot that we have a trades to attend to.

Margin Trading is high-leveraged and risky, crypto market is extremely volatile, if a losing trade does not exit in time, it might cause you to lose much more money than you can expect, the worst times: you lost all your funds, and get ‘BUSTED’.

With such a volatile and 7x24 market, trade opportunities are easy too miss, a winning trade might also turn into a losing trade if it does not exit in time.

Or if you just forget that you have a trade … most of the time you will end up with an empty account when you do remember.

For Double-UP contract, KoinPro takes care of it all for you.

1. When you enter, your trade will never lose more than the amount you pay in the first place, a.k.a, the initial margin amount.

2. Your trade will exit in time when its profit ‘double’ your initial payment. So you won’t miss a good earning opportunity!

3. Double-UP contract expires each day at 00:00 UTC time. If the trade does not get exit because it hits 100% loss nor 100% profit, it will expire and you get corresponding profit/loss at the expiry time. So no nightmares ever if you forget a trade for several days!