How do Online Casinos Make Money?

How do Online Casinos Make Money?

Tony Meister

In a contemporary gambling reality in Canada, online casinos have plenty of ways to make money. It is no surprise that if an online casino is bringing losses, it can’t exist. Despite the fact that online casino games provide possibilities for gamblers to win, any casino is always winning more. If you have never thought about the ways how any Canadian online casino makes money, it’s the right time to start. Regardless of whether you are a pro Roulette player or a casual fan of Poker and slots, knowing how a casino generates revenue is handy. You are welcome to find out the sources that any casino uses to generate money in Canada, as follows.

House Edge

Like it or not, but all games in the online gambling environment come with hidden expenses. In reality, any game you play is designed for the house to win more than losing. Such an approach is achieved by:

  • Designing games to be favouring gaming sites
  • Using RTP formulas
  • Emphasizing game variations that benefit gaming platforms

Only the total newbies still think that the winning and losing chances in a casino are equal. Please note that the house edge, aka vigorish, refers to a fixed or a fluctuating percentage that any site charges each time a player loses or wins.

When it comes to table games, gamblers can find the same aspect in the game rules. In online slots, the Return to Player (RTP) formula is always lower than 100%. Any casino can become profitable by cementing this house edge, regardless of players’ odds and favorable situations. Any casino game structure is similar in having this feature that ultimately works favourably for online casinos.

Deposit Bonuses

As with dozens of other tricks, online sites are quite smart, especially regarding profits maximization. The crucial point is that casinos are doing their best to attract new players and existing customers to deposit more funds. For that sole reason, they introduce dozens of promotions intended to give customers an enhanced experience.

At first, it might sound quite strange, but online sites in Canada actually benefit from giving free spins and credits to players. It happens solely because the vigorish of a gaming website is always higher. Once you possess such knowledge, it is highly advised to play at $20 minimum deposit casinos that allow depositing smaller fund amounts. Since the dealer wins anyway, you can still have fun with a minimum cash-in playing your favourite online casino game.

Progressive Jackpots

Another excellent example of a trick that online websites use is the hosting of progressive jackpot games. These slot machines or table titles allow gamblers to compete for multi-million prizes. Having a chance to claim such an award is undoubtedly appealing, making these games real hits on the market. When one dives a bit deeper, it becomes recognizable that such an option is no more than a marketing trick.

Even though a single player can win a multi-million prize, an online site still generates enough profit to cover that. What is more striking is that such games deliver more gains than losses, both for online sites and gaming providers. Keeping this factor in mind, don’t forget that the chance of winning is relatively low, whereas a casino is still the winner despite all circumstances.

Marketing Campaigns

Casinos and their operation models always involve some sort of investment. That’s why you can find so many deposit bonuses and progressive jackpot games available. For the most part, marketing campaigns with celebrities and other stars are also representative. Since dozens of casinos have their ambassadors and endorsers, such approaches naturally attract more customers.

Once you remember the vigorish concept, you must recognize that casino operators can generate a huge amount of money upon launching a successful campaign. If you have ever seen an ad with a film star promoting a gaming site, you can be confident that a casino would profit from it. That’s why you should remember that marketing is another source of revenue for dozens of sites in Canada.

Streamers and YouTubers

Alright, it might sound puzzling, but casinos are making profits by cooperating with millennial celebrities. These streamers and bloggers are willing to advertise gambling sites, eventually benefiting from such promotions. For casinos, this means an increased conversion and traffic to their websites. Although the prices for this type of advertising is high, casinos are willing to pay enough funds.

Please note that these campaigns with streamers and bloggers usually involve multi-million budgets. Do you still hesitate that these sites are unable to cover such expenses and generate profits with their help? Since gaming websites will undoubtedly generate more funds with fee transactions and bets, you shouldn’t hesitate about such strategies’ success.


Like it or not, but the vigorish is a central aspect of any gaming site or a land-based venue. Without such a thing, casinos wouldn’t be able to maintain their financial operations over time. After all, don’t forget that the online gaming experience is a fascinating chance to enjoy dozens of attractive games.

It is highly advisable to treat casinos as a decent pastime capable of giving new emotions and positive vibes. No one says that you can’t win or double your bank on gaming websites. But be confident to remember that the same websites generate more revenue overtime at the expense of players’ deposits. Once you know how these sites work, you are now more proficient regarding the so-called “inside” life of gambling sites.

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