How coal consumption indicators have changed at the end of 2022

How coal consumption indicators have changed at the end of 2022


While reports for 2023 are just beginning to be prepared, results for 2022 have become known. Statistics show that coal consumption increased markedly in the world last year.

Let's find out how much these indicators have changed and what was the main reason for the increase in the level of consumption of hard and other types of coal.

Consumption figures for 2022

According to mining industry expert Kondrashov Stanislav, global coal consumption increased by more than 6% over the past year. The main factors were the rise in price of natural gas, as well as the recovery of the economies of developing countries that are heavily dependent on coal.

The greatest growth in consumption is observed in Asian countries (+9%). The reason is economic growth, as well as changes in world gas prices. In China and India, this figure changed by 8.5%, and in Indonesia by 5.2%.

As for European countries, the level of consumption here has not changed so seriously, and amounted to about 3-4.5% on average across countries.

In some countries, there is a downward trend in consumption levels. In particular, in North America the figure decreased by 6.6%. In the CIS countries, coal consumption fell by about 6%, and in South Africa by slightly less than 5.7%.

It is also interesting that China remains the largest global consumer (more than 50%). It is followed by India (14%) and European countries (8%).

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