How can I use a 123 HP Printer to set up HP LaserJet E-Print?

How can I use a 123 HP Printer to set up HP LaserJet E-Print?



For Windows 7 users



●    To begin, go to the Windows control panel. Then pick Add a Printer from the Devices and Printers menu.

●    Select the printer from the Choose a laptop or printer to link this Machine menu, then click Next to install the driver on the phone.

●    Second, choose the printer's port and click Next. After that, use the TCP/IP address or hostname to connect a printer. Select Autodetect from the App style pull-down menu.

●    Finally, using, input the printer driver's IP address and wait for the machine to download the printer driver.



First, turn on the machine, then the HP Laserjet printer. The printer will now be connected to the internet, and the control panel will display the online services that have been enabled. After that, enable the e-print option. After that, configure the HP LaserJet printer's email address and choose the services you want.


The e-print handbook will be printed once you have completed the preceding procedures.


How do you use HP LaserJet printers to copy and scan?



To begin, load the papers into the platen bottle of the HP LaserJet printer. Then hit the Menu Copy button to override the default settings. To utilize the number of copies, first hit the Lighter or Darker button, then click the keypad. Finally, click the Start Copy button to begin the copying process.


How can I connect my HP LaserJet printer to my wireless network?


App for Windows



To begin, navigate to the printer control panel and use to connect the HP LaserJet printer to the internet. Finally, press the Wireless menu button. Then hit the Wireless Setup button and select Network from the list of options. After the printer prompt, enter the password and then hit the OK button.


Connect your Mac to the Internet using HP Smart Connect.



●    To begin, ensure that the Android device and the HP LaserJet printer have the same network access.

●    After that, go to and download and install the HP Smart software.

●    Once the download is complete, begin the installation procedure.

●    Next, open the HP Smart app and accept the terms and conditions.

●    Then press Add Printer after tapping the Plus symbol.

●    After that, go to Setup and install a new printer.

●    Finally, the LCD should urge you to connect to the wireless network.


How to Troubleshoot HP LaserJet Printer Setup Issues



●    To resolve a driver installation issue, go to setup. To begin, go to the Control Panel on your computer.

●    After that, go to Programs and pick the driver from the drop-down menu. Then select Uninstall from the context menu when you right-click on the driver.

●    You can clear machine HP entries with a third-party application before reinstalling them.

●    After that, check the ink cartridges for ink levels. Make sure there are no folding or curling papers in the mix.


HP DeskJet Printer Setup -



Large industrial organizations and small businesses can both benefit from HP Deskjet printers. According to their duty cycle, this all-in-one printer can copy, scan, print, and print 1,000 pages every month.



General HP Deskjet Printer Setup



●    Use to unpack the printer from the cardboard box of printers.

●    Verify that you've received all of the necessary printer attachments.

●    Proceed with the fundamental connections, such as activating the printer, selecting the region's language, and so on.

●    Following that, the HP Deskjet printer would urge you to load the toner cartridges and paper.

●    The alignment page will eventually be printed, and the basic setup and HP printer installation will be done.


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